Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday at the zoo

Today a friend of ours whose husband was out of town went with us to the zoo. I love having a membership there; I can bring one guest with us, which is nice. We went early to avoid the heat but the heat caught up and we were smelling like the zoo when we left. Then we went to a restaurant, my favorite Asian fusion place, and had lunch. We are eating cereal tonight for supper.

I took my camcorder/digital camera and got a few good shots of G at the zoo. She also took her camera and actually wanted to take pictures of stuff. This was a first for her to actually be that interested in it. She got tired and hot and a little grumpy towards the end. We added three different animals or groups of animals to the normal zoo trek this time.

We stopped by the kimodo dragons and they were out, one literally with his head pressed against the glass, all up front and personal like. G was skeered bad!! She literally made me hold her and hold her tight. She didn't want me to take a picture of it, but I did nor did she want to walk through the path to get out.

The last animal to see, for us, was the "sound monkeys," you know the ones who do the loud "whooop" sound? Anyway, there was a group of girls, maybe age 7-8. These girls started imitating the monkeys and the monkeys spoke back. It was pretty funny to see.

After lunch we went back to the coffee shop where we started the day. I got 2 coffees today yea!! Then G actually won the right to watch Bambi when we got home by staying awake in the car all the way home. She was tired and it was a very big struggle for her to stay awake. So we watched Bambi then took at nap from 3:19pm to 5:14pm. Yes I watch and note the clock.

Then we were up for another movie, The Great Mouse Detective, and now it is Mary Poppins. G is steady climbing me, wallowing on me, stepping on me and just generally annoying me. As much as I love her we have had an extremely close and together weekend!! When does school resume?

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