Sunday, July 22, 2007

We Arrived July 21, 2005 revisited

First of all mom caught me talking when taking the picture and Grandad was caught surprised by the photo.

Dad took this photo outside of the Radisson in Beijing.

Last night we arrived at our hotel around 10pm Chinese Time. We actually crawled in the bed at 12:30am Chinese Time. We are currently 11 hours ahead of Memphis. The flights were relatively uneventful and the movies were so so. The Tokyo airport was very nice but flying out of Tokyo we were delayed one hour. Hopefully that will not happen on the return. Mom and Dad were up at 4:00 am too excited to sleep because we are in Beijing!!! I on the other hand would have waited for the alarm.We have discovered though that 6 am is a good time to go to breakfast because the line is really long around 7.

Breakfast was very good and we found the 7/11 on our own. Breakfast consisted of ham, eggs, rice w/eggs, cheese, fruit, coffee, congee,watery oatmeal, cereal with yogurt, dim sum, noodles, breads, bacon,sausage and mushrooms. Forks and knives were at the table so Mom did not have to resort to chopsticks.

Mom is very fast running across the street to get to the 7/11. As you can imagine it is very different here. Instead of chicken wings at the 7/11 they serve dim sum and fish. It was very clean too. Everyone has been very nice. The hotel is very nice. The room is comfortable. I have not figured out how to log on in the room so I will download pictures later. We met part of our group last night at the hotel. As you can all imagine we were extremely tired. I am voting for a nap this afternoon but Dad said he may be too excited to sleep.

It is supposed to rain today and this morning it was not terribly hot yet. We are going to the summer palace and zoo today. I am going to see about going on the Hutong tour separate from the group.

Thanks for following.

There are two reasons to revisit the trip. One is to keep in remembrance every detail of meeting G
 because it seems surreal that it happened. Two is to keep it in our family open so G will always be proud of her coming to our family. Another not so important reason is to have it saved in several places incase of a major computer system crash (prob. never to happen) but I would hate to lose any of this. I also have hard copies of it all with original comments.

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