Monday, July 16, 2007

What a Weekend and More

We had a very busy weekend. Friday night G spent the night with the grandparents. I got to go to bed at 7:30pm. At 8:30pm though I was not asleep as I had hoped so I took one of Clementine's melatonin. My mind was still active, alert and totally awake though my eyes were very heavy. Sat morning when I had to be at breakfast at the parents I was still foggy. I didn't think melatonin would have that effect on me.

G was so helpful Sat. She, my mom and I cleaned the counter top and drawers in my mom's bathroom. We would assign G something to do and she would respond with, "What else I can do?" when she was done. She was so busy and then with mom, me and grandad doing three different things later in the evening she had no idea who to help next.

My mom and I have the same disease and that is the "out-of-sight-out-of-mind" disease that causes us to collect things in visible and full view of everyone. So on her bathroom counter, kitchen bar, dining room table and all other side tables are things for her to look at, read, throw away eventually, use, share, show or likewise.

So she has multiple bottles of lotions, potions, makeup, powders etc on the counter in the bathroom to such an extent she really didn't know what she had. And we don't like to waste so when some relative, sister, friend says, "Hey I got this 2 gallon jar of face powder that is not my color (or yours either) do you want it?" We say, "Yes." So G and I threw away and organized the things so that her counter (bathroom) was cleaned and everything in place so that she would not forget and purchase more. We got rid of all make up things she isn't using or doesn't need.

Well, as I said mom and I can not stand waste so although we threw away a lot, G and I came home with a lot too. G has gingerbread shaped soap and lipstick and a sponge for the bath. I have that 2 gallon jar of powder and a teeny tiny curling iron for G' hair.

It looked really nice when we got done and we made room for everything for her. Then we ate lunch and took a nap. After nap time we fixed dinner and G helped fix dinner with me, shell peas with Grandad and generally continued to ask, "What else I can do?"

Sunday we walked to the Methodist church and sat with a friend whom my family has known for a long time.  The message was very good about the Good Samaritan and as many times as I have heard this story I came away with a different perspective. At this time in my life I identify more closely with the man who was robbed and left for dead. I would like to get back to identify with the Good Samaritan who is in a position to help others.

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