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August 1, 2005-Revisted

Italics are current time commentary. Famous pics of Guangzhou and the White Swan.

August 1, 2005
Monday, August 1, 8:30 am
Last night G left her pink bunny in the hotel when we went to dinner. She even went to sleep without it for the first time since we got her. She is a very good eater. She doesn't like pineapple nor does she like lemon. She likes everything else though. She is feeling so much better and not near as "snotty".

Kelly, I heard about the duvet cover!! I am ordering you a custom made one. It will be pretty but not like the one my dog ruined. It will be two sided and I think it will match the brown in the room. Sorry about that. Tell me about anything else she ruined while I am here so I can get it less expensive than at home!!

Gretchen, how are the cats doing? I am missing all the animals and a little worried how they will react to a screaming baby who can't have her ye ye all the time with her.

We tried her in a stroller today and she did NOT like it at all. We have the medical today. I think only Grammie and I are going. We may have no pictures to show because we are not sure how many hands it will take to hold her down. This exam tells the US that the orphan baby is healthy for an American to adopt and bring home. Sounds bad huh? Too bad, if she is sicker than they like she just comes home sick. (She actually ended up liking the stroller as long as grandad wasn't around.)

I think that they may peg me as the sick one!! I am going to the doctor in the hotel at 9 am to try to stop this hacking cough! I finished the antibiotic I brought and G has finished the antibiotic she got at the hotel. Maybe we will be on amending spree here soon. Again, thanks for following and praying for us all. (When I did go to the doctor I was critisized for drinking a cold sprite and wearing a sleevless dress. The differences of cultures as I was told the Chinese would bundle up and drink hot tea.)

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crazylady said...

Are you bundled now drinking your hot toddie in flannels? I am :)
Thanks for giving us your trip review.
You made a trip to heaven.