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August 2, 2005 Medical update -revisited.

Group photo before red couch photo. Took forever getting 14 families together. This is the Wuzhou group.

August 2, 2005
[journeytog] Medical update

G had her medical completed. They found an infected right ear and gave us eye drops(not misspelled it was really eye drops) for it. Boy she hates getting those. I have posted some medical exam pics. Mom and I took her and she did really well in the borrowed stroller. Grandad didn't go with us because of the mass confusion there is.

For those who have not gone through the process there are three stations set up. One station is ENT, one is weight, temp, measurement, and one is general health. You just move through the stations as they are not busy. To test for hearing they hold a noise maker on either side of her head to see if she would turn to see where the noise is coming from. I feel sorry for the poor doctors as most of the babies are crying and the parents are snapping photos.

G weighs 8.8 kg and is 17 cm long. (I never got the measurements right in cm.) She had no fever yesterday which was good but had the ear infection which we did not know about. Everything else was good. They noted that she had been sick and that she was over her meds now. Overall a pretty good visit.

William in answer to your questions:
How is the bonding coming along? She will go with me and be fine as long as dad is not seen. She is a good eater and sleeper but is still sick.

Has G gotten a chance to play in the Swan room? She played there for a minute and plays alone. She doesn't like to share nor does she like to play with other kids.

Is Tamela there with you? Tamela is here with Gili. They have bonded well. She is putting weight on her now. Gili apparently will not stop eating.
How is your dad doing with the food? Dad is great with the food. He is waaaayyyy more adventurous than mom. He is never a complainer. He will eat whatever and what mom doesn't finish.

We have eaten at Lucy's twice now for dinner. G really likes the mashed potatoes and the chicken congee and anything else we are eating except pineapple. I will never get to have a meal by myself again. ;-} I am truly okay with that.(in reality, G is a way better eater than I ever thought about being.)

This morning after breakfast we took "little toot" (which we have taken to calling her) out for a walk in her stroller which she likes and she took a little nap. We watched the older Chinese women practice their fan dance or do aerobics or Tai Chi exercises in the park. I could just imagine my grandmother Talley doing something like that if it were offered while she was in Sommerville. Not to mention she was about as tall as these Chinese women.

I have found two very good coffee places for a latte one is Seattle coffee and the other Blenz coffee. So I can have my coffees everyday. Still about the same price as at home.

Currently she is reading Grandad a book as I type e-mails and wait on the phone call from the consulate that may never happen. I have one more hour to wait then we will go to do group pictures which sadly dad can't come to so I can hold her myself. Then I think we are free for the afternoon.

We may head back to the hotel doctor since she had a fever last night again. We are picking up some clothes made for us and her tonight. I picked up her chop last night with the ink to last 50 years.(can't figure out how to use it still.) I bought her a piece of jade for the year of the monkey (her birth year) to give her as her 16th birthday gift. Apparently Chinese custom is the first piece of jade is given by the grandparents so grammie and grandad got the girls bracelets for when they are older. The Chinese customs are so fascinating.

Things have gotten much better with her but she still has Grandad moving at her slightest whimper. This morning at breakfast she wanted out of her highchair and Grandad specifically said "No, I am not getting you out." Then not a minute later she was grinning in his lap. I tell you she is a funny kid. And he is just a pleaser when it comes to her.

We still think she is the most beautiful baby of them all. I think she is the most spoiled but you know I have to be glad because that means her foster family really cared for her. Grammie the other night started crying and I asked what was wrong. She said that she could imagine how hard it was for the foster family every night not to have G to put to bed. What a thought, in our joy there is someone else's sorrow. I just have to pray that God would comfort them and ease their pain as the time goes along.

Blessings and thanks to all who are following and praying for us. Don't stop now, we leave here on Friday morning.

Re: [journeytog] Medical update (this was a response to an e-mail from some friends following.)

It's not his chest that is the problem. He is so tall he keeps knocking off the decorations going under the arches in the store, HA HA. Yesterday one of the store keepers thought mom and dad were G's parents. I happened to be delayed purchasing a stroller and when I got there they told us that they thought mom and dad were too old to have G so they were laughing at the first impression. I think they were a bit relieved too to know that the gov't wasn't allowing "old folks" to have the babies. At least that was the look on the face. Some of the people we see on the street look really close at dad because of him always holding the baby.

Carla, Sabrina is our coordinator and the city guide here is Rebecca. So I don't know who Elsie is. She must be with one of the other groups.

We attempted to have the red couch photo taken but the problem was it was scheduled for noon and G was sleepy and starving. So she made a pretty picture I assure you!!!

I will regret not having her in the photo later but at the time I was so over the idea of it. If it had been after nap or earlier that would have been fine. Oh well maybe we will do it on our own. (I am probably the only American adoptive parent who doesn't have that red couch photo. My mom quit taking pics and quit filming for some reason. she isn't the most tech saavy.)


Sophie's Mom said...

My favorite meal in Guangzhou was the Cow & Bridge restaurant. Best meal we had in China.

Time flies, doesn't it?

mommy24treasures said...

I am still enjoying your revisit posts. I love how it makes the moment come alive again. said...

My favorite meal too was the Cow and Bridge..