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August 3, 2005--Revisited

Italics are current time commentary. The dates on the pictures were CST not China time. So it is 8/3/05 in Guangzhou. The first kiss G gave willingly was on this walk with Grammie and me and she kissed a wall on the porch outside of Blenz coffee shop.

G loved LOVED drinking out of the water bottle so of course we let her and lots of Chinese people stared at us unapprovingly.

August 3, 2005
Re: [journeytog] Questions

Okay so flight number is NW 0285 from Detroit on August 5.

Congee is a thrice boiled rice or corn with meat or other savory items added to it. All of the babies, foster, orphanage or birth, here eat it. It almost looks like over watered grits. I added sugar to it one morning and it wasn't bad. When it is fresh and hot it smells good. It is easy to reheat in the hotel with hot water only. We have also strained it for juice in a bottle when we packed all of the formula to leave Guilin. She drank it anyway.

I can't think of anything we need when we get home. G likes rice and mashed potatoes and canned peaches so I will just have to keep this stocked at the house. She is really a pretty good eater. She likes to try everything. She will spit it out if she doesn't like it which so far is pineapple and steamed bun.

It is terribly hot here so we stay in the hotel during the mid afternoon lunch hour. It is much cooler in the morning and in the early evening.

We were sworn in at the US Consulate this morning. Basically we just stood around the lobby the vice consul came out and had the parents repeat a few phrases and that was it. Too bad we couldn't bring a camera. We could only bring the passports for the adults and mom and I brought a Ziploc bag of rolls that we have been letting G snack on for a week. Zip lock baggies have been indispensable, remember that Sally. Mom took a fall this morning on our walk to put G to sleep. We were coming back to the hotel on the opposite side of the street and one of the grates was missing. Neither of us saw it until she fell. It is a true miracle that she didn't break her shin. I just about fell apart. She skinned up her elbow. I have scheduled her a massage at 3:30pm to help work the soreness out before it starts. I scheduled dad one too. That is G nap time so I think that will be good.

Anyway, I posted some more photos. We are getting a little tired of not being home but we do enjoy being here. (I think I was tired of feeling like I wasn't really the parent of G and just wanted to get to a place where I could get us into a routine of some sort.)


Re: [journeytog] Questions

Yes we are ready to be home but dreading the flight. Have no idea how Miss tootie b will do on this long flight. She did well on her short flight from Guilin to Guangzhou so maybe she will be okay. I will be excited to see how she likes the cats!!

Sabrina our coordinator came to the room tonight to chat and said that G had a special relationship with the foster mom and that the foster mom noted that G is very sensitive. We found out the hard way. If she thinks we are laughing at her she will cry and stop doing whatever we laughed at.

If all goes well we will be in Memphis at 4:30pm. The flight says 4:18 but with bags and all you know.... (and of course we missed our connection in Detroit so these times ended up not being right.)


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