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August 4, 2005-Revisted

We tried the pool on Aug 4. Again the dates are wrong on the camera. The pool was a failure. Then we had to hang out in the hall while they cleaned our room.

The bath photo is her last bath in China. We never actually bathed her she took a modified shower and played mostly. We soaped her up and rinsed her off but she never actually sat in a bath tub.

August 4, 2005
Last post from China Thursday, 4:30pm

We leave tomorrow morning early. Our flight is 8:20am. We have to be up and packed by 5am. We leave for the airport at 5:30am. Things have been good today. I have a few more things to pick us as far as gifts and we have to eat dinner and that is all for the Chinese money. We will have a box breakfast on the bus tomorrow. Hope it will be something G will eat. (G ate it but I didn't.)

We have decided to leave her in her PJs for the beginning of the flight and maybe over the ocean change her into real clothes. I just hope we don't forget or lose anything. (I ended up leaving close to $70 dollars in the hotel room. I put it on the TV and thought dad would see it and get it. He didn't and we needed it at the airport.)

We had purchased a cell phone for her but we lost it at the farewell dinner. It is amazing how three adults can lose such a small toy. She has not missed it but we have. It was very entertaining to her. It sang in Chinese and lit up a bit. Everyone was envious of it but it is gone for good. (I am still mad about the cell phone. My parents didn't want to be at the farewell dinner and decided to take G back to the hotel. I wanted to stay and somehow between then and when I returned the phone was gone. I went back the next day and went everywhere looking for it. I think I even cried about it.)

Mom went to the doctor about her elbow. It is difficult to find bandages here. So they cleaned it and treated it. They gave her vitamin b6 and oral antibiotics plus an ointment and new bandage for the plane ride home. (even after getting back home she had to go to the doctor and get more antibiotics. She waited to go to the doctor instead of going right away and her arm got more infected. The streets are very germily dirty.)

Please continue to pray us home. Pray for a smooth transition and no missed connections. Thanks again for following.

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I love the pictures of your father and Glenys. That is so darn sweet. He really loves his little angel.