Friday, August 03, 2007

Be Aware

It's about time. This man is crazy for doing what he does, posting places pedophiles can find children. He may not be doing anything illegal but he is encouraging other pedophiles to harm children by telling them where they can be found. It absolutely outrageous. Go to this site and get a good look at him he may show up in your town next. He was already chased out of Washington state. He is in California now and could be chased from there.


Sophie's Mom said...

Castrate the loser. Makes my blood boil!

A Special Family said...

I will never understand how/why the courts and law don't take a tougher stand to protect the innocent by not letting these people have freedom, they should be locked up!!

Donna said...

Ugh, it freaks me out to even think there are people out there like this!