Thursday, August 09, 2007

Clean Up

So we have had a marriage proposal future contract, sort of, already for G due to her wonderful behavior in church, he he. She is good during church but I still sometimes miss a lot of the message dealing with her. We have been attending the Methodist church that is within walking distance and we do walk even on the hot days. Did I mention that heat index is around 110?

We have a heat advisory that began yesterday and is running through tonight at 8pm. Plus, I think it is too hot for the mosquitos as I haven't seen any but we have been spending quite the time inside too.

G's daycare had a visit from the "fweece" on Tuesday. Any one guess? I will let you. Maybe will even send a signed "ark work" to the winner. She brought home some exciting things. And her hair color is "blake." Either this is a direct result of public education or the teacher was distracted by the kid named, Blake. I hope it is the latter although there have been other severe misspellings.

Tomorrow is water day. How fun? I won't be out of town for this one either so I think I will take my trusty camera and my lunch hour to visit and participate. Yee-haw!

G is an extremely bright child and truly a joy when I don't let my OCD get to me to see her as annoying (like putting the king in the floor and all). She has started asking who is going to pick her up from daycare each day. Typically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays my dad picks her up and I get the other two days. This week we had a special day on Monday when my mom decided to do it but not before I had told G I would do it. Of course Monday night she asked why her grammie picked her up.

So she is asking and I am not sure why. I wonder if it is attachment related or some sort of worry that she is going to be forgotten. She has never been forgotten. It just is interesting to me. She does enjoy routine and really needs to have things done the same way or at least to know. When she is tired doing something different will cause a melt down but not always. For her being so creative in other areas it surprises me the need for such consistency.

Every morning after I let the dog outside right after we get out of bed, G tells me that "you haven't hold me a yong day." Which translate to pick me up. But when I do that she then tells me that my mouth is "stinky." Oh the honesty of a child.

At "first thing" this morning, after I had just gotten logged into the computer, a co-worker came in and told me I looked really tired and asked if I had a rough night. huh? I of course had not a clue I looked so tired. I just said that I had not had a rough night nor a bad morning. So between having a stinky mouth and a tired face I am doing really good and am ready to prowl, rowr!!

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crazylady said...

I'm sure something is rattling up in her intelligent brain. In time you will decipher the toddlerese to find out why you must be near at all times.