Tuesday, August 28, 2007

D*amn Sno*w W*hite and her draw*fs!!

So I haven't mentioned with this yet so here it is. G wanted to watch the above mentioned movie (from here on referred to as AMM) Saturday night when we came home from visiting the grandad (as the grammie was on vacay with her sisters.) G is no AMM vir*gin as she has watched AMM several times before. So, hey, why not, we have time.

At one point during the AMM the dog (from here on referred to as Clementine, her name) wanted to start the very fun to her only game of "in-and-out." So at the first Clementine whine to go out, I start to put G down on the floor from my lap, and she flipped out even refusing to put her legs down. She was scared or scarred and maybe a bit of both by the motherstep. I should have at this point turned off AMM and put us both to bed thus stopping the terror and the "in-and-out" game continuing to be played by Clementine.

But shoulda, woulda, coulda, nada. We persevered through the end of the movie and together completed more trips playing the "in-and-out" game with Clementine. By the way, G is heavy when I have to carry her everywhere. Afterward the AMM, we finished our nightly routine and both of us were in bed by 8:45pm.  Pretty good hunh?

So at 12:58 a.m., I hear G on the monitor talking. Having been asleep for almost 3 1/2 hours myself, her talking freaks me out. I get up foggy headed and run in to check on her. My child, sweet child of my dreams, G, has not even been to sleep. She is frightened by the "motherstep" in AMM. But she isn't crying, yet, just tired, so I leave her in her bed returning to mine.

Another, 5 minutes go by as I am listening for the snores and what I hear is the "from silent tears to the loud gasp building into hysterical tears" sob. So I run in there attempting not to knock pics off the walls or trip on something in my extremely sleep deprived self, finally reaching her to hear her say the motherstep was getting her. Needless to say I am not heartless to the tears, and I bring her to my bed telling her in frustrated anger that we will never watch AMM again ever EVER. That by the way brings more tears until we lie down and she immediately falls asleep.

Me however, yup, awake for another 30 to 45 mins. This would be a night in the life if it were just one night. Nope, can't contain the fear to just Sat. night. Last night, at 10:58pm, after being asleep for almost 2 hours, she is crying hysterically. I reach her and she seems to be awake. I find out later that she wasn't awake when I moved her into my bed. Something was getting her but she didn't know what at least that was what she said.

Then in my bed 1:58am she starts crying in pain and kicking her legs. Her leg hurts very badly. I get up to give her meds without realizing she isn't awake fully and she starts choking on her meds. What a way to wake up, huh? Then she looks at me and asks me why she is in my bed. So I get her calmed and finished with her meds. I tell her she had a bad dream and her response is "what was it?" I have no idea baby.

We lie back down but not until after the cat has gotten fully awake wishing to be pet, coming and climbing all over us. I am awake this time for over an hour. This morning we are both tired and oversleep not willing myself to hear the alarm radio.

Can I just say, I hate Sno*w W*hite?

*My attempt at preventing unwanted searches.


Beckyb said...

Made me wonder - Chloe wakes up at least once a week screaming with her leg - hmmm... we can not figure it out and we've done a chiropractor, doctor - yep, we've tried it all - it was just odd since I've never heard of that before aside from our Chloe.

kris said...

Dang. That sucks. I'll have to remember not to watch this one with kiddo.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Parenthood. 24/7. Poor little girly . I couldn't figure out why you called the movie AMM? I must have missed something.