Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DJA Miss Me?

No, so you may not have noticed I have been MIA this last weekend and yesterday, huh? Well, I have been hijacked by non-internet loving people which made it difficult to post. I have been forced out of my natural habitat of my chair and computer into more uncomfortable settings without fast access.

Actually, well, actually it is sort of true. This weekend G and I hung out with my parents and even went to the zoo Saturday night for a members night. Cost=gas to get there and mom decided we had to eat at a Mexican place afterward. G loves the white cheese dip and rice. She even ate quite a bit of quesadilla. She was also a little concerned that I might eat the rest of the cheese dip so she kept asking if she was ready for more based on how full her bowl was.

Then Sunday night we went to a reception at my parents church (after church) which was sort of fun. Very filling, they are Southern Baptists. Receptions and funerals, the food and fanfare truly come out.

Monday I had to travel with two of my supervisors at First Thing which is a post in and of itself. So today is the first day I am able to post. I have some spectacular pics of the girl too. My goodness she is growing up too fast.

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theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Lol. My two do the same thing when it's something they love to eat. They will say "more, more", and they still have a full plate. Funny little bugs....