Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July 31, 2005-Revisited

Italics are current time commentary. 1st photo is of the mall in Guangzhou or rather the pearl market. 2nd is of G playing in grandad's shoes.

3rd is of G and grandad in their mutual admiration society not happy that I snapped a pic.

July 31, 2005

Sunday July 31 at 3:20 pm.

I haven't changed the date and time on my computer yet so forgive the time confusion. We were beat yesterday and slept until 7am. G was turned completely upside down with her head under Grandad's back. We went to the shopping mall to buy pearls. I have never seen so many pearls in my whole life. It was totally overwhelming. (I did not buy as much as I wished to have bought. I was attempting to be frugal in front of the parents.)

G decided today not to take a morning nap so she and Grandad walked(loudly) all over the mall. She was in her squeaky shoes so we knew where they were at all times. She finally wore herself out around 2pm. So she is sleeping very soundly and is feeling so much better today. (after a few days or doses of antibiotics she was rebounding from the bronchitis, ear infection and general overall illness.)

This morning Grammie and I took her to breakfast as Grandad got finished dressing. She actually went to me willingly and stopped crying for quite a while. Then when Grandad came down she didn't cry to go to him, she just held out her arms to him. She ate a pretty good breakfast but threw up her first round due to phlegm(sp). (I managed to hurt mom's feelings by joking that she would have to live with me to tie my shoes as I held G because she had to help me get my shoes on as we snuck G out of the room while grandad was in the shower.

She has been in her sock monkey suit for two days now because laundry hasn't been ready with her clothes until later today. I am off to a meeting but thought I would post the Halleluia choras about her coming to me of her own free will!!!!(We had been together for 5 full days and only now was she starting to come to me. The recognition of me being mama didn't come until well after being home.)

More later....

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