Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little Freaked out

So the egomaniac that I am, I chose to add the "where're y'all from?" stat counter to my blog. That is all well and good and it lists how many unique computers visit my site from which countries. Cool, I thought, and I will leave it up, but I did for sure freak a little because yesterday I saw three countries that I truly didn't expect to every pop up.

Go ahead and try to guess.

I will wait...

Go on and see then.

You know you want to.

Okay, enough suspense:

Pakistan, Iran, Djibouti (where is this anyway?)

So, I had a moment of anxiety. Why for just these countries? Well, I am not really sure as I don't know any one particularly from any country that is hitting the blog but I guess I just wonder how these 3 people found me (I realize it is public internet domain) but why or what were they looking for that lead them this blog. For a very fleeting moment I pondered PWP. But truly I don't need it as I don't allow anon comments or rather it isn't supposed to so I don't get the troll traffic like others.

So I am glad the visitors stopped by and I hope that there isn't enough information to totally identify me. I realize with ingenuity anyone from any country can find info on the internet to use adversely. I am not saying that these three visitors would do so but our countries are walking a very thin line of cooperation well at least with two of the countries. So I guess that is all.

Welcome one and all even differing opinions. The only opinion I will not allow is if you don't think my girl is the most adorable (well I will concede your child to you will be the most adorable) child in the world. Other than that all opinions welcome from all countries.

4 comments: said...

Kind of weird. But, I haven't even looked at my stat counter to see what countries are checking my butt out. Maybe I should!

mommy24treasures said...

It happens on my site meter too. I quit looking because sometimes I wonder who the heck all those people are that aren't commenting.

crazylady said...

be very weary of the canadians :)

BevS97 said...

I guess maybe I should comment :) I'm from the UK, so hopefully not a scary country, but I surfed in from another adoption blog. I think the adoption blog network is very strongly linked, so if you read one, then you can follow links all over and if the story is interesting, then it gets read. I started reading your story, as we share a name.