Thursday, August 30, 2007

Retro Friday-A Day Early

First off let me say I have no scanner and the pics are now actually a bit orange from age. Second this was Christmas, 3rd grade year. A couple of things, the star I loved and now it is mine as my mom has an angel topper, the t-shirt is a Starsky and Hutch t-shirt that is now a pillow. The rocking chair was the one my dad used to rock me in until I could tell him I was asleep and then he would carry me to my bed. It was green plaid. The hair is a growing out Capt and Tennil style from Kindergarten I believe.

Now I am going to let you in on a little secret. I love birthdays. I recently forgot my best friends bday on July 15th. Don't know why, I keep scratching my head trying to figure out how come my selfishness is winning the battle within.

So here is the secret. Tomorrow, I am off work due to the birthday holiday. Nope my day isn't really tomorrow but it happens to fall on a holiday this year so I already get that day off. I am not searching for warm ooeygooeys either. This year I am choosing to celebrate alone with G only. I wish no gifts or recognition from family. I am uncomfortable with attention, did ya guess that?

Anyway it is the big 3-7 bday for me. I really do love my bday!! It also helps to be born in an even year (of the dog) because the older I get the more I forget how old I really am.

2 comments: said...

Happy Birthday Girl! I wish I were 37, but instead I will be 47!

crazylady said...

You a birthday gal? Who knew?!

And how do you tell your Dad to put you to bed, if you are already asleep?