Thursday, August 09, 2007

Weekend recap (very late)

So this past weekend we attended a 3rd birthday party for one of our travel mates. She is sweet and now has an older brother also from China. Anyhoo, it was quite a drive so I left in time to give G a nap in the car. She decides to sleep only 20 mins when it should have been at least an 1 hour. It was a themed party, Princess, "come dressed as your fav Princess."

Yea, whatever. We have two of the outfits, a brand new still in the box Cinde*rella and a very used Sno*w White. My child however didn't wish to dress up. I told her that was fine but that we were saving the brand new one for Halloween and she could not just play with it until then. besides it is still too big.

So we get to the party and little miss does not participate in anything not even the candy pick up from the pinata. She would not even let me take her picture by the di*sney princess posters because in her words, "I not dressed up." She did wear her Cinde*rella shirt but that wasn't good enough. Oh my. The other mother's commented on how clingy and shy G was/is. I don't know how to break it. To some extent I am glad she is introverted but on the other hand it gets really old.
We brought her camera to the party and she would only take pictures of me. That got old too. The mom and some of her friends are all hair stylists with cute cuts etc and here I come with badly done braids. So besides my introverted child and I am introverted too I am sure they had a discussion on my family.

She received some really cool party favors though and two of them were a "king" and scepter that lit up. G calls a crown a "king." So she gets home with them, turns them both on and lays them side by side in the middle of the kitchen floor. Do you see where I am going with this?

She does this at least 3 different times Saturday through Sunday and I stepped on the "king." At that point I literally lost my marbles. I was attempting to fix dinner Sunday and walked across the kitchen to get something that was forgotten when I stepped on the d*ang thang. I just lost it. She of course blamed me for breaking her "king." It was a bit too tight anyway so she really couldn't wear it but in the middle of the friggin floor, Puh leeez.

So needless to say I felt really guilty and still managed to get dinner fixed without breaking anything else. I hate that I hurt her spirit when I yelled but it took me a minute to calm down. I hate that too. Oh the joys of 24/7 solo parenting.

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crazylady said...

so you're saying the King is dead.
Tell that to Vegas will ya?