Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend with friends

Very apprehensive at first.

In a few more years, this may give me a heart attack.

Busy weekend at Chez Moore. We went to play with our old neighbor S and his mom. It was a very fun time. G and S play very well together and were so excited to see each other, but when they finally got face to face, they both had to overcome serious shyness. S is from April to November younger than G, but he has out grown her already.

G was pretty jealous of S and of my comments of S being "silly." But S, the perfect gentleman, shared with G and picked out the perfect lunch of hotdogs, cheetos and sprite. Mama even got to visit with little worries until the silence became apparent.

1 comment: said...

Holy crap, it would give me a heart attack! I don't want them getting that close to the opposite sex until after college!!!! ha ha