Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why I blog?

Will be returning to Wordless Wednesday next week after the China trip revisited.

Another blogger asked this question a while ago on their blog, and since I am currently not motivated to work I will answer this on my blog. I also will talk about some of the blogs I watch and why.

I bog because I have always loved to journal. I used to keep a journal every day through my senior year in high school. But in my senior year the teacher demanded that we journal a specific way and for a specific length which turned me off from keeping a journal. So after high school I stopped the regular journals and kept private journals of my escapades until I was more mature. Well, I really haven't matured that much but I digress.

The next time I started journaling was after a failed engagement when I took time to rediscover the faith into which I was raised. I truly searched for new meaning in my relationship with Jesus Christ. My faith has been sorely tested and as long as things go my way (because I am a control freak) I can keep searching and will have a deep faith (so not really very deep huh?). When things don't go my way I truly have little faith and question God and His reasons for whatever I am going through.

Whew, good to get that confession off my chest. So I know seeking God is a work in progress and journaling (is that a word?) does help with my faith walk. I don't however use this blog as a Christian witness though because I am a pretty good example of "ye of very little faith".

I also blog as a journal for G and yes when she is old enough to read and understand things, i.e. high school and college, she will be allowed and encouraged to read this maybe even be a joint author. Isn't that a faith in the future that blogger will still be around and all of this will be saved?

Now there are some blogs that I enjoy and some I read because they are like train wrecks and I can't turn away. My side bar are my favorite non-train wreck blogs. I have lots of other blogs I follow, though. I have them separated into "already home", "ready to travel" includes those currently traveling and "waiting families" for referrals.

Mostly I read China adoption blogs because I enjoy reading about families like ours. Through the internet though I have been exposed to many other types of adoption families, domestic, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Ethiopian, and Haitian adoptions. These have broadened my awareness of other possibilities since China has now closed to singles.

Also, I really do not feel like a minority family when staying connected to these families over the internet. I am in a majority here and love the community of families that are connected by one single word and that is "adoption." That doesn't mean that everyone likes everyone else or that everyone agrees or should, but it does mean that we all have one thing in common, parenting kids brought into our families via adoption.

I do learn other families strategies of handling questions from strangers whether they be rude questions/comments or not. It is always fun to see how someone handled some comment that I may have received recently.

I also show G pictures of the other children posted and our blog so she will, hopefully, grow up knowing that other families do look like ours. I even tell her that we read these blogs just because the families look like us. I never want her to be ashamed of our family and of her adoption.

So although I enjoy comments on the blog and the visits from other countries I would blog even if no one stopped in. But if you are stopping in, thanks and leave a comment or two.



Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a long time lurker, but this is the first time i've left a message. Just wanted to say.. don't stop blogging, I love your blog =)Glenys is so cute and she truly makes me laugh.

Take care,

crazylady said...

you mean I'm not a train wreck? But surely Rony is, and we're both in the sidebar?
I love stopping here. I start here, check in and often end here.
You kinda inspired me to blog in the firstplace. I stole your template afterall.

Thanks for being my catalyst and for becoming a friend. I can't imagine not following your life with Glenys.

mommy24treasures said...

I love your reasons for blogging. Alot of them are the same as my motivations.

A Special Family said...

Great post! It is so true, I feel like much less of a minorty single adopting trans-racially through the blog world!