Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wow! Where did you all come from?

So you all came out of hiding on that one huh? Okay pity party over for myself and my in ability to adopt again from China.

Now who remembers the movie: The Man Who Went Up a Hil* and Came Down a Mnt? Are you curious as to why I am bringing it up. I enjoyed it, but that isn't why.

Have you ever traced your thoughts from point A to point B after reaching point B and wondering, "How in the helk did I get here?" That happened to me last night. You know the old adage be careful what you put in your mind because it will stay there, recall may be slow but the images are there.

So lying in bed last night the words "Shell Shocked" came to my head regarding a feeling I was attempting to describe and then the image of the boy in the movie who had been shell shocked from WWI. The specific scene was the lightening/thunderstorm. Then I attempted to recall where the image was from and basically replayed the whole movie in my head until the actors names popped up-only Hu*gh Gra*nt's did- and until the name of the movie came up.

Then I thought, "How in the helk did I end up here?" So then I had to retrace the steps before I fell asleep or it would bother me all night long, and I am already not sleeping well.

Of course the thought has now occurred to me that I may be the only one who does this; so if I am ignore me or humor me and tell me about your last "how in the helk did I get here" thought.

*attempting to stop searches.


Sharon Flath said...

I was doing the exact same thing but it was with Charo, like where did the though of HER come from!!??
You are funny! I love your musings!
PS don't tell me when I mispell, it is bound to happen soon

crazylady said...

How the helk did I find such good friends (you) doing this blogging thing?