Thursday, August 09, 2007

WTF-First Thing

I haven't updated the first thing job in a while so here goes. Apparently, I am having an affair with an African American single mom who also works here. Also, I am a snob and will only have something to do with this one person. Also, I have her picture on my desk thus verifying the affair rumor.

Well, a couple of things about that, I am a snob because I don't really care for people anyway. Second, I am not having an affair with anyone, period. I also didn't ask for the picture; I was given it.
What else was I going to do with this picture? Oh and I have several G pictures too.

This mom by the way adopted her son as a single person out of the foster care system in the US. We have some things in common and my daughter likes her son, "best friend boy." And when is it a crime to not speak to people? How many times a day must I say hello to you when I see you?

If I have nothing in common with you other than working together, why would you wish to socialize with me? Why do I need to know or meet your whole family? If I don't volunteer info to you it is because I don't want you in my life.

I have enough sht going on that I don't need this too. Mainly one of the people saying this is mad at me for not signing up to bring food to a going away lunch and for not participating in the birthday month lunches. I don't have enough money to feed anyone other than my child and right now that is a stretch. I go home for lunch and that is all I have said about that. Don't celebrate my birthday, I don't want you to.

One person who also feels this way is like 15 years younger than me and a newlywed. I have nothing in common with this person. She doesn't even know the music I grew up on.

Just now I pissed another someone off for refusing ice cream. If I don't accept food from you, that apparently makes me a snob. Things like this being said causes me to go more underground not come out. See I really like computers more than people and this is why!!

Really all I can say is a big fat Bite Me all "First Thing."


crazylady said...

I think you have been hanging around me too long. The bad influence is wearing on you. You are still not at the point of telling her to MYOB. I graduated that level eons ago.

I understand 100%.

Donna said...

I hear you...I really like most of the people I work with, but that doesn't mean I want to share my life with them. One of my co-workers who has a big house on a lake has invited everyone in office down for the entire weekend this week! I swear, I think I'm the only one not going. I really don't want to spend my whole weekend with these people after being with them all week...I want to spend time with my kid and my friends! I'm sure they think I'm some kind of social misfit, but too bad!

Lauri said...

I could really relate to that.... when I worked in social services the group was a huge gossip market... I was broke and they would give me crap about not signing up to bring this or that.. or whatever I did bring to these functions was never good enough...

Just do you work ...keep your chin up.. its a job not highschool...