Friday, September 28, 2007

Leave you with a laugh

Have a great weekend everybody.

Retro Friday

Taking you all the way back to the most embarrassing holiday for me at least: Valentine's Day. Notice I am alone and always was on Valentine to the extent that I hate/hated Valentine's Day even when dating someone.

One more thing to be paranoid about...

Brain Eating Amoebas.

Don't go in lakes or grungy swimming pools and don't let water squirt up your nose!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just for fun!!

Conversations With G

G found or re-found a book the other day and now we read it everynight as well as "talk about it". The book is Yeh-Shen The Story of the Chinese Cinderella. Anywho, there aren't pictures per se but fantastically drawn illustrations of the story. Anyway, Yeh Shen in one scene is kneeling over the bones of the dead fish and asking for a way to go to the festival and G asks, "mama, what she doin'?"

Me: "She is talking to the fish"

G: "Well what happened to her foot? Where is the other one?"

Me: pointing to the outline of the body of Yeh-Shen, "There is her foot and her back and her head."

G: "No, that her big girl panties. Her big girl panties are probly in her bobbum."

me: *Snort* "maybe so."

Later in the night after I already counted to #2 for her to get still and go to sleep,

Me: "G get still. I have one more number to go."
G: "What numbur?"
Me: "You know what number. Now.."
G: interrupting me, "Four?"

Sometimes I am just sure she is smarter than me!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It Does? Why Yes It Does!

How sweet Wendy over at the Kid and I awarded me with the Nice Matters Award.

Thanks, Wendy, you are very kind.

Now who to tag, who to tag. There are so many nice bloggers out there, and I have a significant list. That is why I am completely unproductive at work!!

Julie at To Tess & Back, I just love Tess's smile

Cloe's Mama at Sunshine and Rubber Duckies, I love the thumb sucking pics of cute Chloe

and Lottie Grace and Emma's Mama at the Byrd Nest, both girls are adorable

Portable Harddrive.

A chance to win check it out at the 5 min mom site.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, September 24, 2007

Conversations with G

Before I forget this one:

Sunday morning as we begin to wake up, G leans over and gives me a kiss.

Then she says: "Mama, do you're mouth smell stinky?"
Me: "Um yeah probably."
G: "Well, den why did I kiss you?"
Me: "Um I dunno."
G: "Well, probly cos I wub you." (wub=love)

Sometimes she just melts my whole heart.

She is not one to initiate affection. She very rarely chooses to kiss me first and only has started doing it sometimes within the last year. We have been home two years. Attachment is a life long process and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Help Support Kang Kang

A Beautiful Boy is a story of Kang Kang in the race to carry the olympic tourch. He was adopted by a single mom from China when he was 4 years old. He had a limb difference (one leg shorter). Go vote for him so he can be one of the torch bearers in his country of origin. He represents all of our China adoptees.

Fantastic Weekend**

We had a fantastic weekend. Friday night G spent the night with the grandparents and Sat. we all went to the zoo. Even the lion at the zoo was happy to see us roaring loudly as we stopped by.

G had her obligatory photos taken with the budda and at the polar bear exhibit. She also bravely walked the wooden poles lining the walk to the exhibit. Grammie had to hold her hands though.

Then she and Grandad rode the merry-go-round. I got several pics with this very big smile on her.

Her legs stopped working and Grandad carried her to the car.

Then she and I went to the harvest moon festival with our local FCC friends. We got to ride in the front seat of the carriage, made a lantern, had a ladybug painted on our face, had roasted "washmellows" (marshmallows), and rode on a hayride.

But then all good things must come to an end with tears. She had fallen asleep in the car on the way home and it was extremely tough to wake up. Then I picked the wrong sleep wear and well the night deteriorated quickly. And yes I let her sleep in the ladybug paint.

**Updated to play the Loving Lydia Friday Foto Challenge of Moon Festival.

Friday, September 21, 2007

More Conversations with G

Last night she was sitting on a ball:

G: "Mama, I am sitting on my ehaggs."(eggs with a southern drawl)
Me: "You are?"
G: "Yes, they will patch soon." (patch=hatch)

Talking about Halloween decorations at Walgreens:

G: "I skeered of the wickie witch. Do you wike the wickie witch?"
Me: "hmm, no I don't like the wickie witch either."
G: "Me either."

This morning talking about grammie and grandad:

Me: "Grammie and Grandad are my mama and daddy."
G: "Grandad's not you daddy, you daddy is in China."
Me: "Oh is everybody's daddy in China?"
G: "No."
Me: "Just Chinese baby girls like you?"
G: "Yes and not boys."

This morning talking about spending the night with Grammie and Grandad:

Me: "So are you going to have fun at Grammie and Grandad's"
G: "Yes."
Me: "Well, what are you going to do with them?"
G: "I gonna yet them coyor in de lines. Why do you coyor in de line so good?"
Me: "Cause I am 37 years old. I am old enough to color in the lines good."

G: "And Grammie and Grandad not are as old as you."

Retro Friday

7th or 8th grade band pic. I actually hated the clarinet. If I would have practiced more I would have been really good at it but I hated the instrument and I hated to practice.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honest Mother Post

If I am going to be honest about parenting I will have to admit there are times when things are so good and G and I are so sweet to each other. There are times my love for her is so full that I could burst at the seams. These are the happy, sunshine filled, ladybug days that every parent hopes for, dreams of and plans well before the child actually comes into their world. These times are not the exception but the rule at our house.

Then there are days like this one, that only last a few minutes in actuality, but emotionally will last a lifetime. These moments are burned in my guilt pouch that I pull out to beat myself with at times. These are the days I want to slither away like the snake I feel I am.

This particular morning, I had braided G's hair. We were already pushing the clock to its limit and then I decide to take a pic of her cute hair style. That is when things took a terrible turn.

She didn't want to have her pic taken and wouldn't say cheese, so I put the camera up. Then all hell broke loose and she demanded to have the pic taken, but she wouldn't smile or say cheese still. This back and forth continued longer than it should and something in me snapped.

I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures of her in her face. She was crying and wiping her face and I was talking not ugly but behind the words were not nice motives. These are two pics of the very many I should have never kept and will haunt me for a long time.

I just hope she is not emotionally damaged. Lets just say that even though I didn't harm her physically and didn't want to, but psychologically, my anger overpowered my common sense and I was abusive. My beautiful child who is very sensitive and introverted, I am aware that I have power to truly harm her spirit.

Dear God, help me never to harm my child's spirit. Help me to always ask her forgiveness when I have done wrong by her. Help me teach her to trust and love. Help me keep the barriers down from between us. Help my anger stay away or at least come into control quicker than times in the past. Amen.

Conversations With G

This is our dog, Clementine. She used to be very afraid of the camera and in real life her head is not that blurry?!?!
My goodness there are so many but what to post? Sometimes I forget even though I say I won't. She is growing up so fast. Last night she went to Mission Friends at her grandparents church. They did a project about a lamb gluing cotton on a picture so I was asking her what she learned.

Mama: "G what did you learn at Mission Friends?"

G: "Lambs"

Mama: "What about Lambs?"

G: "Lambs need cotton."

Mama: "You need cotton to make a lamb?"

G: "I jus wanted to coyor it."

Mama: "But you like to glue right?"

G: "Yes, I glued cotton on it but I jus wanted to coyor it."

Mama: "Well, what else about the lamb?"

G: "Jesus."

Mama: "Yes so Jesus is the lamb?"

G: "Yea, Jesus story about the lamb."

So I am not really sure what exactly they learned about the lamb but I have a lovely ark work of a cotton balled lamb.

G came in the door and the first thing out of her mouth was, "Did you watch a moobie?"
I think she is afraid I will watch something without her. Anyway, I just can't remember her conversations anymore. Must still be tired or PMS! Either pick would be correct.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Conversations with G

Not much going on. G is still attempting to have people call her Talley instead of G. She told me I could mix it up. I don't have a problem with Talley it is just I am not used to calling her that. I prefer G too. It sounds more unique than Talley. I think it is the "ey" sound that I don't like.

Last night we were reading "Families are Forever" and were looking at the picture of the family holiday when I decided to pretend that was our family. So I pointed to the very apparent single woman and said that was me and that since I was not married that G didn't have a dad.

G apparently didn't like that answer because she responded with clinching her jaws and grabbing my face and saying, "Do you hear me? My daddy wievs in China." Well, okay.

So I said, "yes you have a daddy in China but he will never live with us. That girl (in the book) has a daddy in China. I don't know who your daddy is but I know you have one because everyone has a daddy somewhere."

Then she moved on to something else giggling along the way. Interesting reaction, don't you think?

This morning as we were leaving for school I asked if she needed to go potty. She said, "No. Dis bobbum (pointing to the front) don't need to go potty and dis bobbum (patting her tush) don't need to go potty."

Somedays I feel like this...


Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Re-Cap

So this weekend was a great big fluster cluck. First of all I am sick with a sinus infection. Now G is getting it. Second G is steady correcting me when I say "G" instead of "Talley." I guess she is serious about this name change. Third we attempted to attend a birthday party twice and the birthday girl never materialized.

So, it is that time of year again, football, fall weather, and sinus infections. Dontcha just love it? I am trying to fight it with OTC meds for now but I may have to bite the bullet and go in for a shot, YUCK.

I took G to wallyworld to purchase a bday present for the non-birthday party birthday party. We ran into a co-worker and I introduced G to her as G then I was abruptly corrected that her name is Talley. So the funny part of this is that G and I had already been stared at by a hispanic family, you know the stares that are trying desperately to figure out what we are? G corrected me on the name and I am sure these folks thought I was just babysitting this kid and didn't even know her name. Oh well!

The non birthday party incident started last Sat when I saw the birthday girl and her family. Her mom said they were going to have the party on Sunday at this certain place (CP). So okay cool. I was not anticipating an invite, but on Tuesday the invitation is on my door with a pair of gardening gloves and the date :  Saturday, September 15, 2007 at 3PM. So when would you expect the party to be?

On Saturday I didn't want to go because I was beginning to feel really bad, I convinced my mom to take her. The mom of the birthday girl is a co-worker of my mom anyway so why not? Plus we were an afterthought to boot. G has been thrilled and excited and talked about going to this birthday party though. She was even hands on picking out the gift. Well, they leave for the party and I watch my fav. HGTV Design Star (I don't know who won by the way), and I hear the car come back in about 45 mins. later. My assumption is that G/Talley had a melt down over the not wearing the glove thing and they had to come home. NOPE. I was told I had gotten the date mixed up. The party is on Sunday.

I was sure I hadn't gotten it wrong but okay maybe I did. So we go home and I tell G that we will go the next day. I find the invite and I didn't have the wrong date. The owner of the CP told my mom that the party was on Sunday. Cool. Now Sunday is not the best day for us to do anything period. Saturday afternoon kicks us sometime but Sunday is really bad. We go to church, come home, eat lunch, nap, and either watch movies or go to church with my parents in the evening. There is not a lot of time for a birthday party.

Anyhoo, we do everything well until nap time on Sunday. G knows we have to have a nap and she needs a min of 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours so we crawl in bed at 12:50pm. That gives her 10 mins to fall asleep and the alarm is set to wake us at 2:50 for the 3pm party. At 1:25pm, G is still awake and I start ranting about not going to the party and her needing to be asleep. At 1:45pm she whimpers herself asleep. This child barely got an hour nap before the alarm. I was so mad at the whole shebang that I made that kid get up and go even though best parenting would have dealt with the crying after nap for missing the party. G was nothing but a weepy mess and I wasn't far behind.

Now, birthday girl lives two doors down from me and when we left for the non party, the family's vehicle was still in their drive. "Here's your sign." I should have known right then. I drove to the certain place (CP) and the owner said that yes the party was supposed to be then but she had not heard from the mom. We waited 45 mins because the owner wanted to show G her granddaughter's play room. The party did not materialize. We and the owner's two granddaughters were the only guests to show up. Every time I looked at my tired baby, a tear was falling from her eyes. She basically weeped all that time. Well, weeped and corrected me with "My name is Tawwee."

We came home, left the gift on the family's door knob as they would not answer the door. Now there could have been a serious medical problem and that is all well and good but our invite was an afterthought. She may have had a true list of guests and was able to contact them but we weren't original attendees/invitees so she forgot us. A note could have been left for the cancellation. I am still being asked by Talley what about the birthday party. I have no answer for her. I guess I would rather not be invited somewhere than to be an afterthought. Honestly I don't care if I am included or not. This particular kid is 3 years older than Talley anyway.

My dad told me not to hold a grudge, and I don't really, but G got in trouble for not going to sleep so she could go to this party. And she was so excited about it. Then for there to be no word at all? It would have been better to have not been invited.

Oh and I will not get used to the Talley name change. The picture is of Talley and her cousin playing airplane.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Retro Friday

bad pic I know but I don't have a scanner. This is my poor attempt to be athletic. 4th grade basketball. I sucked huge rocks at this.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Conversations with G

First off, it's raining again and although we needed it with the super hot days of summer I am sort of sick of it now.

Okay, here are some of the conversations with G.

Sunday night as my parents, G and I head to church:

Me: "G are you going to Mission Friends tonight?"(as opposed to the main service with us)

Grammie: "It would be fun to play with your friends."

G: "Well, but I might cwy." (cry was said in a sing song sad voice too)

Tuesday night as G and I were dancing to the Leap Frog ABC magnets:

G: giggling a bit "Mama, do I got my toobox turned ober?"

Me: having no clue "huh, your what? Oh your giggle box turned over?"

G: "Yes, my giggletoobox?" (I think she was getting tool box and giggle box confused).

Monday night at the coffee shop: I have to set the scene for this. I was craving desperately a coffee so I picked her up and called a friend and her son to meet us there. G and I get there first and as I am talking to another patron there when G decides to stand right in front of the door.

Me: "G, move." Attempting not to be rude to other patron who is talking to be talking at this point.

G: looks back at me and scrunches up her face and throws out her hip.

Other patron: totally ignoring my attempts at parenting, continues to talk.

Me: "G, move there is someone coming in."

The person comes in waving me off as in "she isn't bothering me" and walks around her.

The other patron continues to talk oblivious that I have stopped listening but haven't gotten rude and totally walked away, yet.

Me: getting up to get G, "G, I said 'Move.' That man needed to come in."

G: "Well, he walked ober der." pointing to the area where he went around her.

Later Monday at the same coffee shop this time the friends we were waiting on were there:

G and her BFB (best friend boy) were at the counter facing the window. We moms were at a table close by, you know the one big step to reach an out of control kid if that happens distance? The only open seat with computer access was next to G. Enter a very cute and young and totally hot Asian guy.

As he is setting his computer up, G climbs into the chair next to him and catches his attention in what would be described as extremely provocative if she were 15 except she is only three:

Hottie Asian Guy (HAG): "Well, hello there. What is your name?"

G: scooting up closer "My name is Tawee."

HAG: "Talley, huh? You sure are cute."

G: leans in and sniffs his arm while he is busy with his computer.

Me: deciding now is the appropriate time to leave before she does something embarrassing takes her to the car, "G, did you sniff that guys arm or lick him?"

G: "I sniffed him."

Me: "Oh. Well, did he smell good?"

G: "No he din't smell good."

Did I ever mention she is fascinated with smells?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Wow, 6 years. I had gone to the chiropractor that morning and heard the commotion on the radio. The news kept saying a twin engine plane accidentally crashed into one of the twin towers. By the time I reached the dentist, I heard that the other one crashed and then watched as the first building fell.

The emotions were extremely confusing. I had to get to work and sat stunned mostly all day. The self important owner of the company for which I worked at the time raised the bar on what was expected of the employees thinking he truly made a difference in this world. The security officers in NY at the time did make a difference and were heroic in their own right but the owner truly attempted to make this all about him. It would have been comical to see his reaction had the total situation not been so devastating.

The world outside on my drive to work looked different. It was a sunny day, and I had celebrated my 31st bday the Sat. before with alcohol and a desire. (minds out of the gutters please.) But the atmosphere felt heavy and the sunshine seemed brighter more dangerous. My neighbors were stuck in San Francisco so I had to continue to watch their dogs. I was worried about them and about me. I was alone, not dating anyone at the time and that night I felt much more lonely. I didn't have anyone to connect to and for some reason at that moment it mattered.

Both my sister and I called my mom fairly hysterical. She had to remind us that although we were taken by surprise, God was not surprised and He had a plan that would unfold in His time. I was extremely afraid to go to my parents for fear the bridges would be taken out and I wouldn't be able to get back home.

That day brought life into perspective. Sadly, over time we tend to forget and go about our business without perspective. We should never forget.

A year later, I was in London on 9/11 in a museum when the moment of silence began. The new years after 9/11 I was in Amsterdam with a friend from work. Those folks are crazy setting off reams of firecrackers in the streets. I will tell you after going through 9/11, the fireworks sure were frightening. The November after 9/11 I was on a cruise with a friend and we received so much support from folks from other countries related to our being Americans. It was def. strange.

In memory of those who lost their lives, those who gave their lives to prevent a bigger tragedy in Pennsylvania, in appreciation for the first responders who still suffer, and in support of those families left behind to make sense of this new world, let us never forget!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Re-cap

G and I are on a project away from work for coffee. Well, me for coffee and her for the ride. We drug along my mom who kept munchkin entertained while I drove. We did our gig Saturday and then headed back for more coffee.

Great day though and I may be published, or rather a photo of mine in an ad in a local, very expensive and hoitie toitie (or hottietoilet) mag.

Seriously, I did prelim shots but while there was told that I would have to take a real shot for an ad due on Wed. So had I known I might have been more prepared and next time I will go more prepared.

On the way over to our project, G said in a very surprised, shocked even, voice, "Mama, my fwiends in Mssherylzz cwass, dey call me Denis (G)."

I said, "I know baby. That was what mama told them your name was."

She said, "Well, I tired of being denis. My name is Talley"(pronounced tawwee)
Which Talley is her 1st middle name. I just don't know how to remember her different name after 2 years of calling her G.

I finally finished the book I started Friday. Very good overall with a view problems but not enough to ruin it. G is back to sleeping with me. Oh well, we will try again later. I have been too tired to fight. What is it? Something must be in the air, fall? that is making me much more tired than normal.

It isn't just me either I am following other blogs complaining of the same tiredness. Maybe it is some conspiracy in the blog world? (just kidding) I think it is parent-enitis of toddlers? Can I claim sick days for this?

Friday, September 07, 2007

G in her Glory

This is mad G and this is Cheesey G


This is sad. Wrongly interpreted it puts a bad spin on international adoption. Correctly interpreted it puts a bad spin on the 1 to 2-child policy. People are desperate in China to have children and are banned by the government who wishes to control aspects of the individual lives. Orphanages who have benefited by the IA, are not as willing to help local couples adopt due to more money on the IA front, and some rural folks take to buying babies without even trying the orphanages first to adopt, increasing the human trafficking aspect.

This practice is as old as China itself in the selling baby girls for future brides to families with no other help. The devaluing of human life reducing it to a commodity reinforces the old belief systems that puts a premium on sons. Also, families wanting sons to help in old age affects the trade too. Yes sons are still prized. Things are changing slowly, but sometimes it seems the more things change the more they stay the same.

It is that time again:

Retro Friday!

This is summer between fourth and fifth grade. I have the charlies angels bangs. I guess I think I am looking all sexy like an angel. Yea, right!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Conversations with G

This morning between 12:30 and 2am, after having a nightmare landing in mom's bed:

G: flipping, flopping, kicking me, not going to sleep
Mom: "Get still, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
G: "Ebrythings not coperating por me."
Mom: "what is not cooperating for you?"
G: "My shirt"
Mom: checking shirt, "Shirt feels fine, go to sleep!"
G: "Well, sweep hurts my eyes!"

While in bath:

G: looking rather guilty in the water when I check on her.
Mom: "what?"
G: "What? I din't say nuffin'. "
Mom: "Oh okay."

This morning after bath and breakfast:

G: "Can I have a piece of seaweed."
Mom: "Yep"
G: "Momma, I yuv seaweed."
Mom: "I know G. This is something you have from China."
G: "I wiked seaweed in China?"
Mom: "Yes and I am so glad.
G: "Me too."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Can You Believe?

One whole weekend and absolutely no pictures? Amazing isn't it? Had a very slow weekend. Visited with my sister and her two kids at my mom's Sat and Sun. My niece brought a little friend with her and G continually referred to them as "Mattie and the other one." She refused to attempt to say her name, and I must admit it is a unique name.

I turned 37 on Monday. It is not such a bad age. Apparently though my eye sight went out the window with 36. All of a sudden I get blurry spots at times. My glasses are two years old though so probably time for a new Rx.

G and I wore matching fingernail polish all weekend, sparkly. I caught up on some movies that most of you have probably seen which then leads to me needing to see more movies based on the previews of the ones I saw. It is a vicious cycle.

I saw my friend in Walk the Line. She was an extra but had some significant face time. Cool huh? Made me want to listen to some Cash.

I didn't want to come to work at all today. Would have loved to have stayed home and slept. G has not had the best night's rest over the weekend which causes me to lose sleep too.

Finally the weather is starting to at least be cool in the morning and today we received some much needed rain. Hopefully fall and winter will be fall and winter and not a milder version of the southern summers.

For my birthday, I received two gift cards to my fav. coffee shop ;}. I also got my piano delivered, and yep, it is a piece of crap, but will be very good to learn on once in tune and to practice on in hopes of better pianos to come.

G asked me yesterday why it was still my birthday since we had been eating birthday cake since Saturday. That is funny to me. We like to do the birthday celebration thing for as long as we can.

I attempted to fix my parents memory problem on there desk top. Very difficult. Old computer. Won't recognize my hardware to move her pictures. Plus I realized she has duplicates and triplicates of all her pics. What is up with that? Old people and technology=not a good thing.

That is the BIG update.