Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Can You Believe?

One whole weekend and absolutely no pictures? Amazing isn't it? Had a very slow weekend. Visited with my sister and her two kids at my mom's Sat and Sun. My niece brought a little friend with her and G continually referred to them as "Mattie and the other one." She refused to attempt to say her name, and I must admit it is a unique name.

I turned 37 on Monday. It is not such a bad age. Apparently though my eye sight went out the window with 36. All of a sudden I get blurry spots at times. My glasses are two years old though so probably time for a new Rx.

G and I wore matching fingernail polish all weekend, sparkly. I caught up on some movies that most of you have probably seen which then leads to me needing to see more movies based on the previews of the ones I saw. It is a vicious cycle.

I saw my friend in Walk the Line. She was an extra but had some significant face time. Cool huh? Made me want to listen to some Cash.

I didn't want to come to work at all today. Would have loved to have stayed home and slept. G has not had the best night's rest over the weekend which causes me to lose sleep too.

Finally the weather is starting to at least be cool in the morning and today we received some much needed rain. Hopefully fall and winter will be fall and winter and not a milder version of the southern summers.

For my birthday, I received two gift cards to my fav. coffee shop ;}. I also got my piano delivered, and yep, it is a piece of crap, but will be very good to learn on once in tune and to practice on in hopes of better pianos to come.

G asked me yesterday why it was still my birthday since we had been eating birthday cake since Saturday. That is funny to me. We like to do the birthday celebration thing for as long as we can.

I attempted to fix my parents memory problem on there desk top. Very difficult. Old computer. Won't recognize my hardware to move her pictures. Plus I realized she has duplicates and triplicates of all her pics. What is up with that? Old people and technology=not a good thing.

That is the BIG update.


theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Hey you. Happy Birthday! to be 37 again. Lucky you. As for the pictures. NO EXCUSE! chanting... WE WANT PICTURES....

Sharon Flath said...

Happy Birthday!! I love the nail polish thing. You are such a fun mom!Have you seen 'Gilmore Girls"?? (mom and daughter against the world thing) My daughter is making us watch the entire 7 series she is borowing from a friend. It has been going on all month and we are only on the 4th. But it is good. We are all starting to monologue though (you will get that if you've seen it!)I put more pet shots on my Blog, just for you!!

crazylady said...

okay, so I"m late in the belated wishes, but knowing you you're still having a party tomorrow, so technically I'm early.
And you're older than me, nah nah nah nah nah :)