Thursday, September 06, 2007

Conversations with G

This morning between 12:30 and 2am, after having a nightmare landing in mom's bed:

G: flipping, flopping, kicking me, not going to sleep
Mom: "Get still, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
G: "Ebrythings not coperating por me."
Mom: "what is not cooperating for you?"
G: "My shirt"
Mom: checking shirt, "Shirt feels fine, go to sleep!"
G: "Well, sweep hurts my eyes!"

While in bath:

G: looking rather guilty in the water when I check on her.
Mom: "what?"
G: "What? I din't say nuffin'. "
Mom: "Oh okay."

This morning after bath and breakfast:

G: "Can I have a piece of seaweed."
Mom: "Yep"
G: "Momma, I yuv seaweed."
Mom: "I know G. This is something you have from China."
G: "I wiked seaweed in China?"
Mom: "Yes and I am so glad.
G: "Me too."


A Special Family said...

love these conversations!!

cheepette8 said...

Ahh... don't you just love conversations with your kids. I wish I had a tape recorder with me all the time. Happy belated birthday also!


Too funny...Delaney's has started telling me she didn't say "not-ting" "I not cry 'bout not-ting, Mom"
hugs! Cyn and Delaney

Bekah Mommy to 3 said...

Hi, I loved reading your posts. And I thought my girls were the only ones who loved seaweed!
God Bless,
Bekah Vincent
in Madisonville, KY

Cherith said...

"Well, sweep hurts my eyes!"