Thursday, September 13, 2007

Conversations with G

First off, it's raining again and although we needed it with the super hot days of summer I am sort of sick of it now.

Okay, here are some of the conversations with G.

Sunday night as my parents, G and I head to church:

Me: "G are you going to Mission Friends tonight?"(as opposed to the main service with us)

Grammie: "It would be fun to play with your friends."

G: "Well, but I might cwy." (cry was said in a sing song sad voice too)

Tuesday night as G and I were dancing to the Leap Frog ABC magnets:

G: giggling a bit "Mama, do I got my toobox turned ober?"

Me: having no clue "huh, your what? Oh your giggle box turned over?"

G: "Yes, my giggletoobox?" (I think she was getting tool box and giggle box confused).

Monday night at the coffee shop: I have to set the scene for this. I was craving desperately a coffee so I picked her up and called a friend and her son to meet us there. G and I get there first and as I am talking to another patron there when G decides to stand right in front of the door.

Me: "G, move." Attempting not to be rude to other patron who is talking to be talking at this point.

G: looks back at me and scrunches up her face and throws out her hip.

Other patron: totally ignoring my attempts at parenting, continues to talk.

Me: "G, move there is someone coming in."

The person comes in waving me off as in "she isn't bothering me" and walks around her.

The other patron continues to talk oblivious that I have stopped listening but haven't gotten rude and totally walked away, yet.

Me: getting up to get G, "G, I said 'Move.' That man needed to come in."

G: "Well, he walked ober der." pointing to the area where he went around her.

Later Monday at the same coffee shop this time the friends we were waiting on were there:

G and her BFB (best friend boy) were at the counter facing the window. We moms were at a table close by, you know the one big step to reach an out of control kid if that happens distance? The only open seat with computer access was next to G. Enter a very cute and young and totally hot Asian guy.

As he is setting his computer up, G climbs into the chair next to him and catches his attention in what would be described as extremely provocative if she were 15 except she is only three:

Hottie Asian Guy (HAG): "Well, hello there. What is your name?"

G: scooting up closer "My name is Tawee."

HAG: "Talley, huh? You sure are cute."

G: leans in and sniffs his arm while he is busy with his computer.

Me: deciding now is the appropriate time to leave before she does something embarrassing takes her to the car, "G, did you sniff that guys arm or lick him?"

G: "I sniffed him."

Me: "Oh. Well, did he smell good?"

G: "No he din't smell good."

Did I ever mention she is fascinated with smells?


Beth said...

Love the computer guy story! How cute is she?! AND - adorable little smile with the sippie in your previous post. Glenys is just darling!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. The puppy toy was mine as a little girl. I haven't seen another one in a very long time. I think Hope was comparing hair styles in that pic. :)


A Special Family said...


Salome's Mom said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute.

Denise Sullivan said...

What a ham! I love your "conversation blog postings" can be so darn cute. Glenys...uh, I mean beautiful. How do these kids learn to pose for the camera? Even our son instantly puts on his cheesy smile at 11 months!

Thanks for visiting my blog..I've enjoyed reading your comments. Yeah, it was pretty scary falling with my boy in my arms...momentary streak of panic. Although I would've rather fallen off the curb than down 3 stairs. That would've scared the crap out of me. Glad you guys survived!