Thursday, September 20, 2007

Conversations With G

This is our dog, Clementine. She used to be very afraid of the camera and in real life her head is not that blurry?!?!
My goodness there are so many but what to post? Sometimes I forget even though I say I won't. She is growing up so fast. Last night she went to Mission Friends at her grandparents church. They did a project about a lamb gluing cotton on a picture so I was asking her what she learned.

Mama: "G what did you learn at Mission Friends?"

G: "Lambs"

Mama: "What about Lambs?"

G: "Lambs need cotton."

Mama: "You need cotton to make a lamb?"

G: "I jus wanted to coyor it."

Mama: "But you like to glue right?"

G: "Yes, I glued cotton on it but I jus wanted to coyor it."

Mama: "Well, what else about the lamb?"

G: "Jesus."

Mama: "Yes so Jesus is the lamb?"

G: "Yea, Jesus story about the lamb."

So I am not really sure what exactly they learned about the lamb but I have a lovely ark work of a cotton balled lamb.

G came in the door and the first thing out of her mouth was, "Did you watch a moobie?"
I think she is afraid I will watch something without her. Anyway, I just can't remember her conversations anymore. Must still be tired or PMS! Either pick would be correct.

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