Thursday, September 27, 2007

Conversations With G

G found or re-found a book the other day and now we read it everynight as well as "talk about it". The book is Yeh-Shen The Story of the Chinese Cinderella. Anywho, there aren't pictures per se but fantastically drawn illustrations of the story. Anyway, Yeh Shen in one scene is kneeling over the bones of the dead fish and asking for a way to go to the festival and G asks, "mama, what she doin'?"

Me: "She is talking to the fish"

G: "Well what happened to her foot? Where is the other one?"

Me: pointing to the outline of the body of Yeh-Shen, "There is her foot and her back and her head."

G: "No, that her big girl panties. Her big girl panties are probly in her bobbum."

me: *Snort* "maybe so."

Later in the night after I already counted to #2 for her to get still and go to sleep,

Me: "G get still. I have one more number to go."
G: "What numbur?"
Me: "You know what number. Now.."
G: interrupting me, "Four?"

Sometimes I am just sure she is smarter than me!!


kris said...

She's pretty amazing... and she cracks me up too. I so love when you post the conversations, I can't wait to be doing the same!

Susan said...

What a funny little girl you have!

trish said...

It is so fun reading about what kiddos say. Your Glenys is charming.

"MissMeliss" said...

Love this one. :)

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is soo beautiful you should be proud of her. Sounds like she,d rather be called Talley

Sandy and Brian Kelley