Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Conversations with G

Not much going on. G is still attempting to have people call her Talley instead of G. She told me I could mix it up. I don't have a problem with Talley it is just I am not used to calling her that. I prefer G too. It sounds more unique than Talley. I think it is the "ey" sound that I don't like.

Last night we were reading "Families are Forever" and were looking at the picture of the family holiday when I decided to pretend that was our family. So I pointed to the very apparent single woman and said that was me and that since I was not married that G didn't have a dad.

G apparently didn't like that answer because she responded with clinching her jaws and grabbing my face and saying, "Do you hear me? My daddy wievs in China." Well, okay.

So I said, "yes you have a daddy in China but he will never live with us. That girl (in the book) has a daddy in China. I don't know who your daddy is but I know you have one because everyone has a daddy somewhere."

Then she moved on to something else giggling along the way. Interesting reaction, don't you think?

This morning as we were leaving for school I asked if she needed to go potty. She said, "No. Dis bobbum (pointing to the front) don't need to go potty and dis bobbum (patting her tush) don't need to go potty."


Salome's Mom said...

What an insightful child she is and smart. Thank you for responding to my nosey question about Talley. I wish you were adopting again and I am sorry for sounding so self centered in my wait desperation. I am indeed lucky to even be waiting.

secret agent said...

I love the name Talley.
she's precious
Hope ya'll feel better soon.
I can totally sympathize.

mommy24treasures said...

AHHH...such a cutie and so much going on in that little head.

Princess Diaries said...

She's so smart and says the most clever things.

crazylady said...

Dis bombom wuvs to weed about Tawey.

So relieved to know that she is aware that she does infact have a birth father.