Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Re-cap

G and I are on a project away from work for coffee. Well, me for coffee and her for the ride. We drug along my mom who kept munchkin entertained while I drove. We did our gig Saturday and then headed back for more coffee.

Great day though and I may be published, or rather a photo of mine in an ad in a local, very expensive and hoitie toitie (or hottietoilet) mag.

Seriously, I did prelim shots but while there was told that I would have to take a real shot for an ad due on Wed. So had I known I might have been more prepared and next time I will go more prepared.

On the way over to our project, G said in a very surprised, shocked even, voice, "Mama, my fwiends in Mssherylzz cwass, dey call me Denis (G)."

I said, "I know baby. That was what mama told them your name was."

She said, "Well, I tired of being denis. My name is Talley"(pronounced tawwee)
Which Talley is her 1st middle name. I just don't know how to remember her different name after 2 years of calling her G.

I finally finished the book I started Friday. Very good overall with a view problems but not enough to ruin it. G is back to sleeping with me. Oh well, we will try again later. I have been too tired to fight. What is it? Something must be in the air, fall? that is making me much more tired than normal.

It isn't just me either I am following other blogs complaining of the same tiredness. Maybe it is some conspiracy in the blog world? (just kidding) I think it is parent-enitis of toddlers? Can I claim sick days for this?


Wendy said...

What a sweet picture!

Let me know if you figure out a way to get sick days for it. I could use a couple myself.

Sophie's Mom said...

You have captured pure sweetness there! Can you say, cutie-pattotie??? Wow. said...

Funny you mentioned the "tired" thing too. I nearly fell asleep early this morning going to work! Yawned all day. Going to bed now.

mommy24treasures said...

The picture is so perfect!