Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Re-Cap

So this weekend was a great big fluster cluck. First of all I am sick with a sinus infection. Now G is getting it. Second G is steady correcting me when I say "G" instead of "Talley." I guess she is serious about this name change. Third we attempted to attend a birthday party twice and the birthday girl never materialized.

So, it is that time of year again, football, fall weather, and sinus infections. Dontcha just love it? I am trying to fight it with OTC meds for now but I may have to bite the bullet and go in for a shot, YUCK.

I took G to wallyworld to purchase a bday present for the non-birthday party birthday party. We ran into a co-worker and I introduced G to her as G then I was abruptly corrected that her name is Talley. So the funny part of this is that G and I had already been stared at by a hispanic family, you know the stares that are trying desperately to figure out what we are? G corrected me on the name and I am sure these folks thought I was just babysitting this kid and didn't even know her name. Oh well!

The non birthday party incident started last Sat when I saw the birthday girl and her family. Her mom said they were going to have the party on Sunday at this certain place (CP). So okay cool. I was not anticipating an invite, but on Tuesday the invitation is on my door with a pair of gardening gloves and the date :  Saturday, September 15, 2007 at 3PM. So when would you expect the party to be?

On Saturday I didn't want to go because I was beginning to feel really bad, I convinced my mom to take her. The mom of the birthday girl is a co-worker of my mom anyway so why not? Plus we were an afterthought to boot. G has been thrilled and excited and talked about going to this birthday party though. She was even hands on picking out the gift. Well, they leave for the party and I watch my fav. HGTV Design Star (I don't know who won by the way), and I hear the car come back in about 45 mins. later. My assumption is that G/Talley had a melt down over the not wearing the glove thing and they had to come home. NOPE. I was told I had gotten the date mixed up. The party is on Sunday.

I was sure I hadn't gotten it wrong but okay maybe I did. So we go home and I tell G that we will go the next day. I find the invite and I didn't have the wrong date. The owner of the CP told my mom that the party was on Sunday. Cool. Now Sunday is not the best day for us to do anything period. Saturday afternoon kicks us sometime but Sunday is really bad. We go to church, come home, eat lunch, nap, and either watch movies or go to church with my parents in the evening. There is not a lot of time for a birthday party.

Anyhoo, we do everything well until nap time on Sunday. G knows we have to have a nap and she needs a min of 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours so we crawl in bed at 12:50pm. That gives her 10 mins to fall asleep and the alarm is set to wake us at 2:50 for the 3pm party. At 1:25pm, G is still awake and I start ranting about not going to the party and her needing to be asleep. At 1:45pm she whimpers herself asleep. This child barely got an hour nap before the alarm. I was so mad at the whole shebang that I made that kid get up and go even though best parenting would have dealt with the crying after nap for missing the party. G was nothing but a weepy mess and I wasn't far behind.

Now, birthday girl lives two doors down from me and when we left for the non party, the family's vehicle was still in their drive. "Here's your sign." I should have known right then. I drove to the certain place (CP) and the owner said that yes the party was supposed to be then but she had not heard from the mom. We waited 45 mins because the owner wanted to show G her granddaughter's play room. The party did not materialize. We and the owner's two granddaughters were the only guests to show up. Every time I looked at my tired baby, a tear was falling from her eyes. She basically weeped all that time. Well, weeped and corrected me with "My name is Tawwee."

We came home, left the gift on the family's door knob as they would not answer the door. Now there could have been a serious medical problem and that is all well and good but our invite was an afterthought. She may have had a true list of guests and was able to contact them but we weren't original attendees/invitees so she forgot us. A note could have been left for the cancellation. I am still being asked by Talley what about the birthday party. I have no answer for her. I guess I would rather not be invited somewhere than to be an afterthought. Honestly I don't care if I am included or not. This particular kid is 3 years older than Talley anyway.

My dad told me not to hold a grudge, and I don't really, but G got in trouble for not going to sleep so she could go to this party. And she was so excited about it. Then for there to be no word at all? It would have been better to have not been invited.

Oh and I will not get used to the Talley name change. The picture is of Talley and her cousin playing airplane.


Salome's Mom said...

I am sorry you are feeling sick and that your little girl did not get to go to the party. Now, please explain to me the name change??? I am slow on the uptake today and do not get it. So she is no longer Glennys? Why? Sorry for being nosey too!

Courtney Mei & her Guinness said...

Eeek!! Sorry to hear about the "non-birthday-party fiasco". As if life wasn't complicated enough.

I hope you and your sweetie feel better soon. Sinus infections are the worst since they last forever....


mommy24treasures said...

ugh the birthday party thing was wierd. I wonder what is going on in her little mind regarding the name thing?

mommy24treasures said...

oh and I hope you both feel better quickly.

Donna said...

Yikes, what a hassle! Hope you and Talley are feeling better!