Friday, October 12, 2007

8 Things in My Kitchen Meme

Then Steph tagged me for an 8 random things in the kitchen meme. At least I hope she meant me cause I am running with it. 1st is a waffle maker that doubles as a place to dry paint brushes and hold melatonin for my dog. 2nd is my dog in her kennel. She gets out when we are home.

3rd are some old jars that my grandmother had, I use for flower vases but I don't have any flowers now.

4th is the kitchen table or dumping off place. No worries we have a dining table too that one end is clear for eating.

Next a picnic basket never used but I really like it so I won't get rid of it. Plus it is Tupperware.

Two very important appilances, my cappucino maker and my rice cooker. Then my collection of recipe books that are rarely if ever used.

Last are the banned contraban of children's meds. This stays on the counter because at any given time G could have a leg pain, a bad runny nose or just need a little calming syrup. Actually the syrup is used every morning on either French toast or waffles.

There you have it. Now I tag: Amy, Sandra,
Alison, and Baggage and Bug. Participate if you wish and leave a note.