Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog Maintenance

This pic was after Christmas 2005 and she was massaging herself with a hand massager. I just love the look on her face, surprise mixed with a bit of tickling.

Okay so this cute pic needed to go with this story. So last night or maybe early this morning there was this smell in the bed. I assumed it was just wet pull up and maybe the cat or dog's breath. It didn't faze G at all. So this morning periodically we both got a wiff of it and both blamed it on the cat box (which shouldn't have smelled though because I cleaned it last night) and had our breakfast. G complained that the cat box stunk in the living room. I agreed.

So after breakfast we go to put her in the tub, usually we bathe at night but last night she didn't want to. I turn her away from me and smell "it" very strongly. I said, "Baby, it is you that stinks. What did you do?" Well, she must have slept very very good because she poo'ed her pullup and didn't even notice or feel it this morning. She hasn't poo'ed a pullup in almost a full year. Let me just say now "YUCK!!" After bath she smelled so fresh and clean. I was so shocked she didn't even realize it.

On to San Diego, my brother and his family returned to their home last night. My aunt and cousin had not as of last night. So I am not sure what damage there was but the papers are now saying something about arson. That person should be found and shot on sight for causing the damage and heartache in the loss of so many people's homes.

Next thing, do you like the new color? I was in a brown mood. I may change it again sooner rather than later or I may just leave it through November. Also, the BlogHer Ads. I thought I would try them out. Maybe enough to buy gas for the gas guzzling (paid for) SUV or Christmas for G. So if you are so inclined stop by and see what is being advertised.

I have G an eye appt. set for Nov 6 and may make a day of it with a ped check up too. I am a little slow on the appts now since no shots are required but I am leery of her eyes. I think G has a weak eye.  It is noticeable in some pics and when she is really tired. I just will feel better about it and my parents have agreed to pay for it. YEA!
It is getting cold now but I don't want to turn the heat on yet as it is predicted to warm up this weekend. Yea! I will have low energy bills for a month or so. I have to wait as long as possible for turning the heat on.

Christmas is looming in the horizon and I am just not motivated. I am so broke and have such a significantly large family. I tried to get out of Christmas this year and hurt my mom's feelings. That was a bad row, I must say. I have no idea what we are going to do. I would rather focus my energy on G and her Christmas not anyone else's. We are doing the little people additions for her. She really enjoys playing with them and watching the one video we have of them. So anything to foster a fetish I say. Care Bears one time now little people. HA!

About the media man, I never received a response back from either e-mail I sent. Oh well, he remains in his ignorance. I just wish other people who also are not educated in the ways of adoption don't take his words too seriously.

Oh and stop by Salome and Cael's (check the side bar) mom's blog. She defined some bloggers inner movie stars. I love it.


Kikilia said...


In regards to Glenys' eye- if she has trouble in Kinder with learning - have her checked by a specialist for convergience insufficency disorder.

My Pipsqueak was diagnosed with this in May and we've been in Vision Therapy since the end of May. The change in her learning is amazing. My daughter has astigmatism, is near sighted and an eye that turned in sometimes so she already wore glasses. But those weren't the problems. Her eye muscles just weren't working together the right way.

Hope your Christmas works out. It's tough when the family wants to go all out and you're a single parent wondering how to do that on a budget.

Heather said...

Good wishes for the eye appointment. We did a lot of research into eye problems when we adopted our little guy, and I can truthfully say, that there is help available for just about every eye problem out there.
As for Christmas, well it's so stressful when you're broke, as we ourselves, are that we've just told people that this is a bought present free Christmas, but we will give a certificate for an evening of free babysitting (or something like that) for you. People understand, and those that truly care will still invite you over just to enjoy your company. I know you always will want to do things for them, but your first responsibility is to you and yours.
Keep up the blogging!
Heather BT

Sharon Flath said...

I have a brother in law who feels like that media guy. It's pretty tough to be nice to him lately!

Kerry said...

I love the brown! I am in the middle of transferring my old blog to a new one and the background is brown, too :)
How would your family feel about a secret santa? Everyone choose's a name from a hat and a set limit of what to spend is decided, that everyone is comfortable with? Something we did last year- and appeared to be appreciated- was donate a lump sum that we could afford to a non-profit org we love in the name of 'everyone we love'. I made beautiful cards and included a link to the org, and that we made a donation. You should absolutely focus on Glenys and hopefully everyone will understand! Just be honest about your situation. Oh, one more idea: fill jars with the ingredients for homemade cookies (minus the eggs and butter of course lol). Tie a pretty bow around the lid and presto!
re: jerkface from that paper- I got an email from the editor requesting my phone number in order to publish my letter. Apparently they didn't because I saw this today:,102607ForumEditPg.article

At least they published 2.
Sorry for the long response!!
take care,