Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Conversations With G

Tonight after leaving dinner with a friend we saw an Asian mom and her two daughters one of which was not much younger than G. She was so cute with two ponies in her hair.  G still insisting on calling herself by her middle name.  Anyway,

G: "Do that girl wook wike Talley?"
Me: "yes, she does look like Talley."
G: "Well, why do she wook wike Talley?"
Me: "Because she is Asian and you are Asian."
G: "What is agin?"
Me: "well you are Chinese and that is Asian."
G: "Did I wive in an orphange?"
Me: (a bit shocked) "yes, you lived in an orphanage."

G: "In orphanage, Arkansas?"


Eliza2006 said...

I love the 'conversations with Glenys!". It's hard for me wrap my mind around the idea that soon I'll be having similar conversations with Eliza!


kris said...

These are by far my most favorite posts! Glenys just comes to life and I almost feel like I come to know her a little better each time.

Wish I could meet you both in real life! :O)

Christy said...

That is awesome!! I totally enjoy hearing what she says next. It is always great!! Thanks for posting your "conversations".

Christy :)

laurel said...

That is funny, but also very thought provoking. Hummm...