Saturday, October 13, 2007

RAD-To Anonymous

Thank you for your concern. But the diagnosis is not RAD. G doesn't rage on a regular basis but I have discovered over the last two years is that as the weather changes into fall, the nights get longer, her mood shifts. That particular morning when I dropped her off was total chaos in the classroom and several kids ran up to her before she could walk in the door good. She needs time to warm up because she is an introvert.

Lashing out at animals is not as harsh as the words sound. Simon the cat is her best friend, but when she doesn't get her way she hits at his tale. She never connects. She isn't hitting at them to hurt them and doesn't do that often either. Mostly she reacts at bed time when Clementine is sitting on her (as Clementine is 60 lbs.). Clementine doesn't do that often because I stop her. She doesn't mean to do that either.

So although I appreciate your comment, I would have appreciated a name with it more, G doesn't have RAD. I started out the adoption process looking at that as possibilities and worried for the first 6 months home. I realize the stuff I put here is just a small portion of what goes on in our lives but if G had RAD, the blog would be where I would discuss it. Since you don't know us and we don't know you, I could see where you might get the impression.

Two of the co-workers I spoke with are therapists and one is very familiar with it as her son has it. RAD is not what you see when you see G. G displays normal 3 1/2 year old behavior. Now also having said that, she does have a need to control her situation and ended up in two 3 minute time outs in 8 minutes last night before bed. She was acting out over needing to control her bed time.


mommy24treasures said...

Oh yeah she always sound like a toddler to me! an ADORABLE full of life sweetheart.

kris said...

Acting out to control bedtime, also normal 3.5yo behavior!

Eliza2006 said...

Don't ya just love anon comments?! If people are so concerned, maybe they should e-mail you privately or leave a name. Cowards!
Glenys sounds like a normal toddler to me! I think most kids test boundaries at one point or another.


Johnny said...

It's always anonymous that is willing to lecture, isn't it?

Why not just the simple reason of, "Being a kid?"

Quick, get a pill! That's the solution to everything.

Dawn said...

When I read your previous post the thought of RAD never even came up. It sounds like typical kid behavior. Although RAD is a very real possibility when you adopt a child, I sometimes think that some adoptive parents jump to the conclusion that their children might have RAD because of certain behaviors that a lot of kids exhibit just because they are kids. A woman I know talks about the behaviors of one of her adopted daughters and blames it on attachment issues. I've gently tried to tell her that one of my sons, who is not adopted but is very sensitive, behaves the exact same way because of his age and his personality, but she insists it's because her daughter has attachment issues. To me her daughter is just a very sensitive child who reacts to things differently than her other children do, but I don't think it's attachment related. Obviously when you adopt a child you need to be on the lookout for signs of RAD, but from reading your blog I've never gotten the feeling that Glenys suffers from RAD, and if she did, you would know. By the way, she's such a cutie, but you already know that.

Kerry said...

Glenys sounds like a totally typical 3 year old, baby becoming little kid and wanting to make her own decisions, etc :)
Several people have already thrown RAD at me. Telling me I 'should be prepared'. Of course it's a possibility, but it's also one with biological children. I don't like the trend that normal behavior is so quickly labeled as a disorder.

Christy said...

All the behaviors you have described are TOTALLY normal. I work in the schools as a psychologist and I have a little bit of experience with RAD and your DD does not even begin to look like a RAD kid. She looks like a typical 3 year old-- no different than my boys.

Christy :)