Friday, October 19, 2007

Retro Friday

I think I am the only blogger doing this anymore, and I am not sure where it started, but I jumped in and enjoy it so here you go.

4th grade and 8th grade going into 9th. My grandmother made the shirt I have on if I remember correctly. I don't remember liking it because I couldn't tie it right.


Tasha said...


Are you missing the days of the Princess Diana neck ruffles or those skinny ribbons around our necks? I miss the funky colored crocheted vests that I wore. They looked like a bunch of colorful potholders slapped together to make a vest.

Salome's Mom said...

Yes, I do think this harks to Lady Diana days. Tasha you hit it right on the head! I was thinking, this is strangely familiar and you are right. She looks like she is wearing something Lady Diana might have worn.

By the way Rony still post pictures from her past in her blog. She has one today of her in her early 20's and she looks stunning. I didn't have that body in my youth or in my dreams.

mommy24treasures said...

you look very mature in fourth grade. Love the hair.

Sharon Flath said...

I love Retro Friday! i hope you keep doing it!!

Christy said...

Love the plaid skirt. I totally remember those good old days!!

Love the pics. Very cute!

Christy :) said...

You know I still do this. I get such a kick out of going through old your ruffles..