Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still at it.

My response:
"I think you still just miss the point. Children are not commodities to be bought or purchased. You are right in saying they all need a break. Do you see that word, ALL, even the children born in a foreign nation.

If the US foster system would change making the system more streamlined across states as well as truly looking at the rights of children, maybe more kids would get a break. As it stands now, children are lost in the system or are returned to bio-parents who continue to abuse or neglect them.

If a person who happens to be infertile wishes to be a parent and not a temporary parent then adoption is the only option and sometimes the foreign systems have more of a guaranteed child at the end of the paper.

Currently, I am watching the foster care system in my state in order to be a foster-adopt parent. However, as a single parent I have already been shot down in several different places. Number of actual beds in the house is one reason. That may or may not be a huge issue, but it is a def. issue. Bring home salary is another huge issue in foster parenting. There are so many things that sometimes states are unwilling or unable to fix in the foster care system that helps potential foster families step forward as all of the effort is being made on the bio side in order for reunification.

Before you write another op-ed piece on this maybe you should put journalistic integrity into it and research it in your state. Take the classes required, have the home study done, and sign up to be a foster family. Can’t be too hard for you, right? You seem to think it is just a matter of immigration status or money. Why don’t you just go “buy someone else’s kid” to see how wrong your words actually are?

An IA Parent"

By the way, not that it is anyone's business, I have no idea if I am infertile physically. I have never tried to have a baby "the old fashioned way" I chose to adopt as my first option. G is my first option, my first child and my child in whom I take delight.


Ashley Winters said...

Great post! I like the way you think. I wish more people would take the time to research something before making general remarks, especially about adoptions.

Tasha said...

Beautifully written!!

Chinazhoumom said...

Go get em!

kerri said...

Kudos to you, well written, I too wish ignorant people would research before putting pen in hand and foot in mouth.
Thanks for you visit on my site, always a pleasure. :O)

Kikilia said...

Well said! said...

Great words. Ignorant people suck. people should do their research before opening their flapper.

Christy said...

OK, you must tell me what this is in response to. I am soooo curious. I get the "what-- you couldnt find a baby HERE that you liked" all the time. It amazes me what people say and how completely ignorant they are. This is my thoughts EXACTLY and it is so well written!! You did a great job at whatever you were trying to do. GOOD JOB!!!!

Christy :)

Christy said...

OK, I just read down and I must have missed the origional post. Love it and you did it so beautifully!! Go Get em!!!

Christy :)

Kerry said...

That was great. I read his responses and was floored. Clearly he doesn't get it or just chooses to take responsibility for irresponsible writing. I forwarded my letter to him and his editor but got no response. I doubt any of us who wrote will.

The Byrd Family said...

Well written! I wish the media in all forms would seriously research adoption here and abroad before writing or saying ignorant things.