Thursday, October 18, 2007

What fun to meet a fellow blogger and AP.

Lisa, from NY, came to our fine city to see all of the sites. I "knew" her from SAC yahoo group, now I know her in person. She is a very neat person. I contacted her and told her that I live where she was going to vacay and would she be willing to meet for dinner, and she agreed.

I gathered a few of us adoptive and waiting moms and our respective kids to meet for dinner Tuesday. She and another waiting mom really need encouragement with the wait. Lisa's LID is in Feb or March '06 and Kim's is March '07. So all of our kids entertained them to help them know there is a light at the end of the dark wait. Or at least we mom's would like to think that is what our wonderfully well behaved and light of our world children did.

G didn't really warm up to Lisa for hugs but she did get in another AP mom's lap which is a rare occurrence for her. She was very confused when we dropped Lisa off at the hotel and even wanted to go "pend the night" with her. She is finally warming up to these FCC friends so much that she decided last night she wants to go to the beach with everyone.

Thank you Lisa for your visit. We all had such a good time. You are welcome to come back anytime you like. We are also all anxiously awaiting the arrivals of your and Kim's girls. Hurry up CCAA Hurry Up we have wonderful moms to be waiting for their babes.


Michelle & John said...

Hi! I saw on this post that Kim is a March 07 LID. We are with Great Wall and 3/8/07 LID. I would love to add her to my sidebar if it's ok with her?

Lisa said...

Awww shucks and to think we had an extra bed for visistors. It was great seeing you and meeting your gal pals and their young ladies. We'll have to plan a f/u gathering sometimes.

LIZ said...

That's so nice that you all could meet in person!

Christy said...

Oh that is so cool!! I love getting together with people who come into our area. I just visited with another family who adopted a Mia a month before us. It was a good time. Glad you were able to spend time with them and encourage them during this horrific wait!!

Christy :)

kris said...

I knew I recognized that woman! She's an amazing person who has been a huge support to me throughout this adoption, so glad you guys got to meet!!

The Byrd Family said...

How fun to meet new people! Looks like you all had a great time!