Friday, November 30, 2007

Have a great weekend!!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I am taking a blog break over the weekend since the NaBloMo (or whatever it is called) is over. I might pop in once and I will def be reading over the weekend.


Oh and I just reselected my template to go back to white. The problem is I wanted brown or red and the colors are not changing. Oh well. We will keep white for snow, huh?

Blogger: GRRRRR

I am trying to change the background color from this purple because I am sort of sick of it now. But BUT blogger is non-cooperative this afternoon. I feel like shi-ite too so I don't even want to mess with it.

It is 2:30 am what are you doing?

Cause you know what I am doing! The medicine I took tonight wore off and I woke up choking. G went to the doctor and has the start of an ear infection. She is on 10 days of amoxicillon. This is probably the 3rd time in our life together that she has had to have antibiotics. Dr. was impressed by her healthiness. Never mind the 3 times of puking her guts up that didn't last long enough to take her to the doctor for it. Yuck on the puke. I can so handle an ear infection not the puke!

She also has had the fever virus once and that sucks big hard rocks. That was last April and I did take her to the doc for that but got no meds b/c it was a virus. That is a pathetic illness. I felt so badly for her and could feel her fever rise every 4 hours like clockwork. So any moms reading this who have a kid with a fever and no other symptoms, probably just a virus and I feel sorry for you and your sick kid. Not fun to watch them with high fevers at all. I cried lots over that helpless feeling.

I go to the doc tomorrow afternoon so I can get the nice sinus cocktail that will wipe my arse out for the evening. It is Friday what other pleasant things can a single gal who has no kiddo for the evening think of to do? I don't even have a good movie to watch I don't think.

Oh and G so showed out today. Her Grammie went with me b/c sometimes it is easier to have a 3rd party there while I check out etc. My mom was so utterly embarrassed by G in the pharmacy b/c she was acting in typical 3 year old stuff, you know pulling my skirt off, giggling, being defiant. My mom said she didn't think G ever acted that way, which goes to show you how much my mom doesn't believe a word I say!!

Then we went to eat dinner at Wendy's because G wanted some "fwinch fwies" and actually ate her chicken nuggets. That surprised me. She hasn't had/wanted those in about a year. Then we went to the coffee shop and got them a milk shake and me a coffee which had no effect on my ability to fall asleep nor wake me up except for the sinus stuff.

I asked G one day if we should get grandad good coffee from the coffee shop for Christmas and she said, "No, he alweady has coffee." So tonight I asked her in front of my mom what we should get grandad and she said, "make up.'' I guess she feels sorry for him since he is a boy and boys don't wear makeup, normally that is.

She is also really stressed that I am going to the doctor for a shot and a bandaid but she so desperately doesn't want me to be sick either. Big tears for the ole sinus infection. Oh and the doc said I was right about the nature of G' cough it is all post nasal drip that lead to the ear infection, nothing in the lungs which was why delsym wasn't touching the cough. That is another thing, G only told me two nights ago that her ear hurt. She told me one time and never mentioned it again until asked at the doc and she was consistent in pointing out which ear it was. She didn't complain about the pain at all. Maybe I should have been a doctor except I don't particularly like sick people.

Okay, can you die by drowning in your own snot? If so I am wishing it now. I don't feel well at all. I have to go to work in the morning then to the walk in clinic in the afternoon. There is a nurse practitioner there that treated me last year for the same thing and I want the same meds from her. Oh and I dislike shots too. I am not looking forward to it but I am looking forward to the quickness of feeling better!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Totally Gone

My voice that is. Freaked G out this morning when I couldn't answer her. She cried and begged me to "talk!!" All I could do is whisper and hold her. She has a cough but for whatever reason, and I am glad, she doesn't have the laryngitis too. I have the nasty green sinus junk literally waking me up from a dead sleep when I cough. TOO MUCH INFO but the green snot literally is chunks in my mouth after I cough. I have to get up and spit gunk.

I just made an appt for G at 3:40. She will not be thrilled. I will go tomorrow afternoon because I will get a sinus cocktail shot that will wipe me out for the afternoon and G will be spending the night with the grandparents anyway. See my timing is perfect. One night of suffering but the end is near.

We put our Christmas tree up Tuesday. I put the lights on and the breakable ornaments on last night. When G came home from Mission Friends/choir, she helped put the rest on. This is how it went, G puts an ornament on, stops and says, "I need a piece of candy now, Okay?" Pretty much after every ornament. I think I got a pretty shot for the Christmas cards. We will see.

G playing with the Asian Wiseman. She kept calling him a her because we all know boys don't wear braids.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More GConversations

So sometimes G asks me to tickle her and I oblige. Here is how she asks, "Mom, lets you tickle me and I will sais , 'Oh Oh Oh,' Okay?" Because what she does is when I grab her rib cage she shouts "Oh Oh Oh." It makes me laugh every time.

This morning, G did not want to get up. She said, "What day is today?" I said, "Tuesday, school day." She said in a most frustrated tone, "Why do I haf to go to school everyday all deez weeks?"

Little does she know school is for the next 23+ years at least!! Surely, you don't think she would just get away with a master's? I mean she is Chinese right? Doctor here she comes!! (said with much sarcasm)

Conversations With G

Last night I was in the kitchen fixing dinner and G took her blanket in the dining room.

G: "Blankie, did you miss me?"
Me: "Of course blankie missed you."
G: "Why?"
Me: "Because you were at school."
G to me: "I not talking about you!" (translation, I am not talking to you.)
G to blankie: "Blankie, I can't do this, I can't do this, Blankie."
Me: "What? What can't you do? I think blankie understands."
G to me: "Weeve us a-yone. I am talkin' to my blankie."
G to Blankie: "Blankie, I can't do this, I can't do this, I haf to go to school."

WTF? Where did she get the "I can't do this?" LOL!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

So Here Are Pics

Saturday we went to the 3rd birthday of our good friend, Sam. Sam's daddy wisely cleaned the yard for the big shindig and instead of bagging those pesky leaves, he piled them along the fence line. I am telling you they saved boocoos of moola on bounce castles or what not with the pile of leaves. So here are some pics of my girl going crazy, as crazy as she ever does, in the leaves.

Later, after opening the big gift of the Cars racetrack, the kids tried to "help" Mr. Scott put the thing together. G loves racetracks but I won't get her one because she can play with the one that used to be my brothers at the grandparents house. I may rethink it in April for her bday?!?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Too tired to post

We have been very busy this weekend. G is sick with a cough I can't seem to get rid of. We are watching the Grinch with Jim Carrey for only the 100th time right now. We saw the Bee Movie. Ummm, okay but not worth the hype. nuff said about that.

We attended the 3rd birthday of our friends S and his parents. S had a Cars party. Other than his 9 year old girl cousin, G was the only girl. We stayed for dinner which was nice. We skipped church because G's cough changed and I can tell she doesn't feel well. It is rainy and cold here. Finally feeling like the season it is.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Retro Friday on Saturday

Not sure which birthday this is. Probably year 2000 which would be 30. Basing this assumption on the niece and nephew and how old they look here. My niece and I share the same month. So it is Sept. and that is my fav cake of all time, white cake, chocolate chip ice cream, white icing with chocolate fudge and chocolate drippings (reminiscent of the chocolate dipped ice cream) from Baskin Robbins.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh Well

She bought the jeans, they are an inch too short and way too tight. Oh and they are boot leg cut with enough material that I could ring when I walk.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving,
from Our House to Yours!!

Now I can play my Christmas Songs!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Mom

Now this is going to sound like a complaint but it isn't. Please don't take it as that. I am going to tell you how wonderfully confused my mom is with regard to me. My mom doesn't know me in the least but tries really hard to express her care and concern for me.

Okay so I am talking to my mom and she tells me she bought me some jeans. I tell her to take them back. I don't want her buying me clothes anyway, esp. without me there. She said, "You aren't going to even try them on?" So I asked what size they are. She tells me a 16 petite. First off I am not a petite. Petite is shorter than me, like by lots. Second I think I am bigger than a 16 in the thighs/hips. I really need to be there in person.

The other reason it bothers me that she is buying me anything is that my sister is with her. Two completely different personalities and different tastes totally. Now if my mom had a history of getting me clothes that fit and that I liked; I might not be ungrateful, but she doesn't. And I appreciate the thought but laud what does she truly think?

Here are a couple of examples of mom's bad decision making at Christmas: One Christmas when I still lived at home I really wanted a pair of BLACK leather gloves. Not suede, only black leather. So she lets my sister purchase them. I open my gift on Christmas and find red suede gloves. The reason was was that my sister was handing down her red wool coat and thought these matched better.

One Christmas mom told my sister to get me make up for Christmas so she purchased a pre-wrapped gift set from when Clinic used do that. I opened it up and it was empty. Well, my sister had been making fun of me previously to the opening, well actually all day, and that empty gift to me topped it all off, bad emotions and anger etc. Can you tell I still have pent up emotions and a dislike of getting gifts because of that. I could make a shrink a fortune.

Another Christmas I asked for a long black wool coat. A LONG black wool coat. My mom lets my cousin do the shopping for her. My cousin is a petite and about a head shorter than me so the coat she tried on hit the floor on her. On me it falls right below my knees and is tight in the shoulders. I still have the coat and may have worn it 3 times. Hardheadness, mine, had me refusing to return it. G can wear it. She will be short, probably.

Once, I had asked as a pre-teen/teen for a dulcimer for a long time. I quit asking for it and really didn't want it anymore, but I got one after I turned 25. I still have it and did take a few lessons but never was proficient at it. My mom just doesn't have the timing or inkling anymore about me.

The thing is I would be absolutely fine without gifts, as I hate getting them anyway. It is way more fun for me to give, but mom wants to know what to get me because she just does. She and dad have done so much for me in the last two years that I truly want nothing from them. Gift receiving has become an awesome burden I would rather not have. Sometimes our family attaches strings to gifts even if emotional ones. Honestly, light bulbs would be more appreciated than jeans this year. At least light bulbs are functional.

The idea of jeans (start of this post) came because I have not bought jeans in ages literally in 10+ years. I used to could wear all of my jeans, like for ever. So I simply asked how much did she think I could get classic styled jeans for. I don't necessarily want fashion jeans as I know I will have them forever (when these fashion jeans are out of style) and wear them until they literally fall apart. I have a pair of Girbaud(sp?) jeans I bought like 17 years ago that have a huge tear in them but they are ubber comfy, and I planned on wearing them tomorrow, but now I can't or mom will be mad at me. Plus, her brother and his family are coming, shit. I have to dress up better with company around.

The reason I haven't bought jeans is that at the psychologically damaging company I worked for didn't allow them or any pants, and I would only wear them on Sat. only. I literally dressed up every day except Sat. On Sundays I would dress for church and then I would get in my jammies for nap time. So there was really no need for jeans. I bought linen pants to travel in because jeans are not totally comfy on airplanes in the summer. Anyhoo, I really am not complaining but my mom doesn't know me at all. My sister, even less. I just wish sometimes I felt like she knew me. I hope she took those jeans back because I will not try them on!!!! Call me mean!!

Conversation with G

This morning G came in from spending the night with Grammie. She missed me so Grandad dropped her off for me to take to daycare. G helps me with my coffee in the morning so after we got it started we were waiting and I said, "Now what do we do?"

G said, "Well, I guess you could lub on me a widdle bit."

Now who could resist such a request so of course I lubbed on her a widdle bit. I actually lubbed on her a lot because I missed her last night kicking me in the back and talking in her sleep.

Wordless Wednesday-constant motion

For more go here

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures


Why would the media go in search of the mama to Angelina Jolie's Ethiopian child? What is the purpose of sharing all the personal information on Zahara? This stuff just pisses me off. How dare they post to the public about Zahara.

It seems from the article they are just looking for a fraudulent adoption to taint IA again. There is no need to do so. If they want to look fine but don't publish the private info on the child for everyone to know. This kid will already know she was adopted and will now have no info to share when she deems it appropriate to do so.

I don't envy Angelina and all the publicity she receives. I feel sorry for her kids having their lives exposed like this. I don't think it is fair at all. If you want to bad mouth the celebs go ahead I think it is rude but leave the kids out of it.

Still is...

It is still adoption awareness month and NaBloPoMo. Actually I am a bit tired of both of them. I am so ready for a holiday. Come on days off.

So how many loyal readers will be out and about on Black Friday swooping up all the great bargains at 6 am? NOT ME! My sister and mother will go. The older I get the more I dislike going out to shop in crowded places. Full parking lots can send me into a panic attack very quickly.

Of course this all may change when G has a specific Christmas wish list. But I am safe for now. Oh and the dollar store has a great selection of reasonably priced gifts that will be expected to last as long as the interest in them does.

Does this count as a post? Hope so. G is "pending" the night with the grandparents tonight and I am cleaning up and putting up clothes. I hate that repetitive chore!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

G and the Dentist

Yea, no pics because I had to have G lay on top of me so I could hold her down for the tooth brushing. HYSTERICAL. After it was over we went to see my mom and she asked if G cried.

 G nodded her head and my mom said, "A little bit?"

G said, "No, mucher." I love toddler speak.

Oh and we have three cavities, yuck, but we are not going to further tramatize her. We will just watch her for the next 6 months.

Love these

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

G's Story

As told from Ms. M. at G's school:

Apparently one day at either snack or lunch a little girl in G's class was upset by something to do with G and told her that she was going to tell on her. This little girl was going to tell G's daddy on G for some perceived infraction. So G leans over the table very aggressively and says, "My daddy is in China and dat is fah fah away and you won't eber meet him!"

Ms. M. couldn't believe G was so aggressive and adamant about this because she had never seen G be anything other than passive and sweet. She was proud that G would stand up like that. I can just imagine it too. She has a vein that pops in her neck when she is extremely frustrated or angry. It is funny to watch at least to me.

G Being an Acrobat Princess

Sunday, November 18, 2007


We returned for a visit to our home church this morning. It felt so good to be back if even for a Sunday. I may try to make this a once a month trek. It felt good to have my dry and thirsty soul watered. G did not act so hot in the Sunday School class. She wouldn't let me take her to her room so she stayed with me in the babies room. It was awful having her with me. I need to just drop her off in her own room. Next time I will without warning. It is the warning that made her cry when we got there.

Tonight we are going to my mom's church and the community service. Three of the churches get together in the town to hold one service with a fellowship after. So we are going to that. Then on Dec. 9 we are going back to my church in the evening for the Messiah concert. I am so looking forward to this Friday when I can start playing my Christmas music. I am not one who enjoys Christmas coming before Thanksgiving.

I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving. It has become one of my most favorite holidays as an adult. I don't like the food but I do like the meaning behind it and the reason for it.

Tomorrow I will post photos of the girl because that is really all anyone wants to see, right?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ack! I forgot!

Okay so here is my theory on MY Personal weight gain. First I have never been smaller than a size 8, ever. Size 8 fits my frame very well and I am comfortable in that size. I am even comfortable up to a 12 in somethings. My ring size is an 8 or 8 1/2 depending on what hand so I am not a small person.

So from 1998 to 2005 I was a runner. G came home in 2005 (this is not her fault and I don't blame her). I remained a healthy steady weight and even ate appropriately. I also had a very high paying job for what I did. Granted I sold my soul during that time but I was financially well off.

In 2005 after G came home I tried to run with her in a running stroller but it totally freaked her out. There was no other option for me other than to not run. Treadmills freaked her out too. I was not getting babysitters for runs and I worked so late that there wasn't time in the evenings either.

In 2006 I made a very dreadful decision to leave the high paying job for self employment. The stress of trying to make it and failing plus having no money hit me extremely hard. Now I am still poor, literally, not making ends meet but I do have time to run. I am currently up to a size 16/18, no joke. I carry it fairly well in that until I lose it no one could really tell I weigh that much.

So here is what I think other than the non-running, I don't waste food. When I had money to burn, so to speak, I ate less in portion size. What I eat hasn't changed but now I cook a pizza for me and G, just a party pizza (jenos), and I eat 2/3 of it and G plays with 1/3. I don't feel right throwing any away. So I eat more. I actually finish my plate at restaurants and at home where as before I didn't I never finished a plate. I could afford not to. Now I can't and I see it as waste. I have to learn to waste again. In doing that I reduce my serving size and consume less calories.

Oh and for me it is all about calories. I could lose all of the weight by increasing the calorie output (running) and decreasing the calorie in put (portion size/calorie counting) and I can eat anything I want. I can't get motivated though to run again. I can't wear the shoes I have now and can't afford a new pair. I have had a fracture before stopping my 3rd marathon run. I can't do lots of training because I am prone to injury and illness. I actually trained for 4 marathons, the second I had a double ear infection on the day of it and just couldn't run it. The 4th one was the fracture. I completed the first and third ones.

Counting calories broke my gum chewing habit too. Gum chewing was a 10+year habit I broke in 2000 while training for my first marathon. I decided it was too many calories to consume without benefit.

So that is my theory on my personal weight gain. I am not a dieter and never will be.

Great Ending to an Okay Day

I am on a roll as far as stressful days, beginnings and endings. Tonight after being at my mom's all day I came home to let the dog out and a smell hit me as I opened the door. The dog got sick in her kennel and since she was in it all day she was in IT all day. It was the bad end sick. She had gotten sick early in the morning (3:50am) that I didn't realize until I was ready to leave this morning. So I got that cleaned up and assumed (wrongly) that she was done. Oh I was very wrong.

I had a terrible mess and the dog was a terrible mess. The smell is still in my nose and on me. I bathed the dog already. It is still on her too. She sleeps with me, yuck. I can't leave her out all night, and I can't kennel her tonight. Poor sick dog. It is all from a few pieces of cooked deer steak I gave her last night.

I used to like deer but when my mom said she had some that she would fix for us I got to thinking about it and really decided I can't eat it. I can't eat it; it is a total mind block. I would be a vegetarian if I thought about the pieces of meat and where they came from, so I try not to. If I visualize it I can't eat it. My nephew killed his first deer or actually shot his first deer, but someone else had to finish it off. It makes my stomach turn. I would never have survived on a farm nor in the days of hunting. I already know that. It is totally Divine Intervention that I was born in the time that I was.

Anyway, the dog is still a bit stinky, and I may have to bathe her again tomorrow. She has only had this kind of sick two other times in her life with food being the precipitating factor, but I can't remember what specifically the food was then. Well anyway, she won't be getting anymore deer, and I won't be leaving her for 9 hours again. I can also say it isn't old age. The other two like this sicks were when she was 1 or 2 years old and then around 4 years old. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old. I just feel so badly that she had to suffer today. I should always listen to the gut instinct that told me to go let her out at noon when we came through town.

Oh and my dad caught a rat snake in my mom's garage this morning. Thankfully, I was on the inside when I saw it first. Then he picked it up and brought it through the house. YUCK! Also, I had barely missed seeing the snake earlier when I got there and opted to go in the front door instead of the garage like I usually do. Lucky me!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Here is a quick Retro Friday

Novelty and Irony. This girl and her mom were walking, watching us tourists take pics. I asked her if she wanted to have her pic taken and she did. I showed it to her on the camera but had no way of actually giving it to her. This is in 2005 after Gotcha day and Adoption day.

Look how skinny I was, laud, I need to go travel somewhere and lose weight back to that size, back around an 8. Tomorrow I will blog about my weight gain and the theory behind it.


Well This Morning Started Off With a Bang

And has gotten not so good. Just got off the phone with my mom who has been called by one of her credit cards with a charge for $1200 supposedly by me. Instead of mom telling them that it is fraud she tells them to hold it until she checks with me. There is also a $600 charge to Dell. Here is the thing, when we were shopping after G' doctor visit, we were pulled over in the mall to a Dead Sea Salt company, and mom bought some product.

Because she was carrying G, I signed the receipt. I fully believe that those people running that kiosk stole my mom's account number and are using my name. The purchase was made today. I have been home all day, and I don't have my mom's credit card number. I just woke up from a nap even. I have used it for picture purchases, but that was on her photo account because she didn't know how to do it. I also have used it for a trip in 2003, but paid mom in cash the day I used it.

Okay well back to the title, let's start last night. G and I attended a Pampered Chef party last night. I came home with 4 items, 3 purchased and 1 won. I even got $5 off my purchase. One of the items is a Christmas gift for my friend Shay. The other is mine, a spoon rest where the spoon stands up in the drip bowl.

The home where this party was hosted had one of our FCC friends that G could have played with for 2 hours that we were there. So where did G stay? Right beside me for 2 hours. I made more than one attempt to get her to play with the girl and her little friend and G refused until it was time to go home. Then she refused to put on her coat and screamed/cried for 30 mins while on the way home.

See she walked in and was shy. Lots of people tried to entertain her. Now I think the shy gig is a ploy for attention. Oh she was very very good during the presentation. The food was good but the presentation took too long, I think. The whole dealio (and why am I writing this way?) should have been over in 2 hours,but she was still taking orders when we left after 2 hours. I know from where I speak as I have sold several different home based things my fav being Tupperware.

I don't really like PC products as a rule because they are heavy to use. I don't like the glass mixing bowl because it is heavy. I haven't ever used the baking stuff but did learn that if the stone fits in the microwave you can use it. I inherited a stone and now I know how to clean it so I can use it. I may start using it regularly.

At 1am this morning G started coughing, this has been going on every morning about the same time all week long. I give her her Rx med for drying up the drainage and a dose of delsym cough med before bed. So about half way through the over an hour coughing spell I get up to give her a dose of Robitussin. As I listen to her cough until past 2 am I second guess the additional dose because it is draining down her throat not coming up from her lungs. So benadryl should have been the dose. We didn't get to bed or asleep before 10:30 pm. So I was so tired this morning. Thank goodness for a vacay today.

So this morning, I went to G' school to do a reading for National Adoption Awareness. I got a free book from EMK Press but it wasn't the original book they offered which now I think was a mistake. This book was "I Don't Have Your Eyes." I like the book but the project that went with it was a total mistake for 3-4 year olds. PERIOD. The project pointed out that all people fall into far more colors than red, yellow, black and white. The original book was "Forever Fingerprints" with a project of ink stamping fingerprints, much easier to do with kids this age.

In theory the skin color project was a good thing but not for the age group. Plus, I arranged this with her teacher Ms. Cheryl a month ago and explained that I would read and she needed to do the project with the kids. Well, Ms. Cheryl accepted a position elsewhere. So Ms. Tammy (new teacher) was given the project materials, and I caught up with her on Wed. to discuss the plans of which she knew nothing and prepared nothing. This morning Ms. Tammy wasn't there.

She called in sick and nothing had been done with the project materials. On top of that, Ms. Sarah (teacher on duty when we arrived) went on break when it was time for the project and her relief was absolutely no help. And the book that was a gift to the glass? Well, seems Ms. Cheryl let it be part of the official class books before the reading and one page was ripped out of it. Cool huh?

So for my part a total failure. The kids got nothing from the book reading or the project. All the white kids identified with the white color and the only other races/colors represented are one African American boy and G. There are no other adopted children or at least that will admit it. I just think the original book and project would have been much more productive and appreciated.

Now I am headed to my mom's for dinner and to help her clear up the card and clear my good name. What a way to start the holiday season, fraud.

To Spammers

Thank you for your concern of my life as I see it your e-mails to me. The thing is I am not interested in who is naughty or nice. I am not a guy who needs a penile enlargement. I do not need vi*agr*a I do not want to see your pictures. I do not want to know with whom you are playing. I need no medication at any time. If I thought the lottery was for real-ee-oo I might be inclined but as I don't play lotteries it is unreasonable to believe that I won. I know no one in Africa or the Middle East, and therefore can't be the long lost anything of anyone.

Please stop junking up my junk box and e-mail. Your concern for my life style is unwanted.

The Management

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just for laughs

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Does anybody know

why my "Where are ya'll from?" section go? It doesn't show up but the coding is there.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Did I mention?

Did I mention about the weird incident that happened at the zoo Sat? Well it happened right in front of the red panda exhibit and with a current "first thing" co-worker. So I will just tell you a bit about the co-worker first. She happens to attend church with my parents. She also is an aunt to the clinical director of "first thing" and also, the head billing clerk. Her husband is a bus driver for this company too.

Anyway, when she figured out who I was, meaning my mother's daughter, and that I had adopted G, one of the first things she did was to thank me for adopting G. Because you know I am such a nice person to help out the poor little orphan girl.

So this particular Sat she happened to be at the zoo with her daughter and three grandchildren. Two of her granddaughters are twins so they are a slight novelty unto themselves. But like I said they were at the zoo too and we bumped into them at the red pandas. She excitedly introduced G to her own daughter explaining that she knew her from church. Then she proceeded to ask me if she could have a picture of her twins with G. Now, if you are reading this and have already adopted from China or gone there you will understand how I felt at that moment.

You see, we were in the zoo, G is a novelty by first being adopted and then being Chinese. So she wished to document that novelty. Thankfully one of her granddaughters was so not interested in the pic, and I would not have made G do it if she had not wanted too (I was hoping she would bolt). But I will say I am glad it wasn't G revolting about it because I am sure this person would have explained it in a negative light.

We don't have play dates with this family, we are not friends with this family, and honestly I don't really care to work with this person. There was no reason for her to wish to subject my child to a photo op with her twins. G is not on display; she is my child. Of course this woman saw nothing wrong with the request. My mom understood my concern after explaining this situation in comparison to being in China, but my mom told me it wouldn't have hurt G to have been in the pic. Anyway, I know my family is on display because of how we were formed but sometimes the ignorance of others is totally comical.

Oh and the picture is dinner on Sunday night. Yes we made French donuts. G didn't like me sharing hers. We only made a half a recipe. Then G wants to know why I am fat?!?!?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So Sometimes I Am Not All There

Last night after we came home I was cleaning the kitchen. Simon, our very vocal cat, was crying somewhere in the house.

I said, "Jeece Simon, What is it?"

G said, "Mama, Simon's not cwying."

I said, "Oh is he talking to you?"

She said, "Yes."

I said, "Well what is he saying?"

She said, "Meemaow."

And here I was stopped in my tracks waiting for some funny creative imaginative conversation. Nope, just "meemaow."

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tag, I'm It--8 Random Things

Cyndi tagged me.

...So, here are the rules of the 8 Random Things tag game:
1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here are 8 random things:

1. Pro-Active doesn't work on me!!
2. I love the Thanksgiving holiday but not the food.
3. I have never liked the Wizard of Oz because of the flying monkeys.
4. Monkeys used to be my fav. animal and I always wanted one (I enjoyed the TV show BJ and the Bear b/c of my monkey love).
5. I become extremely bored with repetitive actions, thus I am bored easily at any new job.
6. I hate house work because of the repetitive nature of it. I mean why don't the floors stay clean?
7. I actually like cleaning the kitchen and this is the only repetitive thing about cleaning that I like.
8. I can read the same book more than one time if I really enjoy the book. In new suspense type books I have to read the ending before finishing the book, and for very suspenseful books I end up skimming the non-essentials to get through quickly.

Now I tag Kerry,
Mortimer's Mom,
The Kid and I,
Beth, and


Remember this? Well this morning while getting breakfast ready G says, "Somethin' stinky." I said, "Yeah it is. Is it you?" and she turns her bottom to me and says, "I don't know here smell." If it hadn't happened once before I would have thought she was a bit strange but I had to laugh at that. I checked her out and it wasn't her this time.

She is such a funny kid.

Where did Tuesday Go?

I am like a day ahead. I posted on the Wordless Wednesday sites already that I was up but it isn't wordless Wed. today. So I will share a G story that happened on Sunday.

G came running up to me saying "Mama, I can read, I can read." She had such joy and excitement in her eyes.

 I said, "okay show me."

I opened her book she brought, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? and she said, "Mr. Brown." She was absolutely beeming. If I could have captured the radiance from her face it would have lit up a small country. She did this two more times and then came and said, "I can still read, mama, I dint forget."

I just love her.

I will post WW early this week. Sorry.

Thank You-Wordless Wednesday

Thank you Veterans for your service to our country.

Monday, November 12, 2007

G Conversations

Yesterday G and I went to the "blue slides" to play after our naps. I told her she had to take a nap or we wouldn't go. So after nap she sits up and says, "goodmorning." Then she proceeds to ask me "why didn't I go to sweep?" I thinks she was a bit confused. I will have pics later as I didn't bring my card reader with me to work today.

This morning she said, "Why do I wike sweepin' in your bed?"

I said with wishfulness, "I don't know?"

 She said, "Well I guess it's comftable."

She asked me this morning if she could wear eye shadow and I told her she wasn't old enough. I also told her that I don't wear it because I am not old enough to which she replied, "Only Gwammie and Dandad are old enough?" Um sortof.

Interesting Article

This should be every adoptive parent's fight for their child. The heart cry of most adoptees is to know who they are and where they are from. Sadly, without lots of God divined intervention, there is not this possibility for Chinese adoptees. I think this is definitely worth debate and for all adult adoptees, they should be granted this information.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grumpy grumpy grumpy

Me not her. On the weekends, I have my alarm set to go off at 8:26 am. G woke up both days somewhere in the late 6ish early 7s. I asked her to let me sleep so she stays quiet for me. Instead, she crawls on me, leans on me, stretches on me, sits on me, pokes me in the eye, uses me for a push off and generally keeps me from sleeping in that extra hour before the alarm goes off.

I woke up in the worst mood. I hate being awakened that way. Never mind the dog who does the same to me because that is miserable too. But to have both of them do it is just the cake's icing in a bad way.

Last night I tried to interest her in family videos, my family's early years. You know the silent ones? She wasn't interested in seeing Grammie and Grandad so young and not see any of her. So instead we watched the Sound of Music. Then when the "police men's" part came on she got a bath.

We will be taking a very long nap today. Wish me luck on that. She didn't sleep two hours yesterday and even got up out of the bed on her own after her nap. She doesn't do that often at all.

Now off to make coffee and walk to church. Looks like it is cold out but surely not after such a beautiful day.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good Zoo Day

Today was a great day at the zoo. The weather was great. We got there right about feeding time. We even stayed long enough to hear some of the zoo chat about the hippos. Apparently our hippos are mother and daughter. The oldest is 46 which is much older than hippos actually live. They are the most dangerous animals killing 2 to 3 hundred people every year more than any other animal in Africa. They are second heaviest behind the elephant. They secrete something that looks like blood but the zoo keeper said it wasn't blood. Fascinating.

The red panda came down from the tree. As many times as I have been to the zoo I have never seen the red panda this close. Usually if I see him at all he is way up in the tree. Then there is another animal a muntjac??? that is in the same pen that I saw for the first time today.

Found out that one of our gorillas died (I knew that) but the other was shipped to Kansas City zoo and we were supposed to get two more in late summer or early fall. Apparently they are late because we still don't have them.

Just after our friend Shay left us, we headed for the farm section where G had a loud, obnoxious melt down.

I am so sure people thought I was kidnapping her. Finally she straightened up but then I had to carry her the rest of the time. I am exhausted but she is the one taking a nap. Oh well. She wasn't the only child melting down. Every time I saw one I would point him/her out and G would ask why that kid was having a melt down. I never knew.

G is actually smiling here with her sippy cup but the sunshine was in her eyes and she wouldn't wear her very cool sunglasses.

We ate lunch at our fav. Pei Wei and then she fell asleep in the car on the way home. I was even able to move her to the bed and she stayed asleep. I need her to sleep at least 2 hours. That way I can just veg for that long and blog.

Going to the zoo

Today we are going to the zoo for a couple of hours. G was so excited when the alarm went off and I got up. She said, "Today we are going to the zoo. I can wear a t-shirk because it is wurm at the zoo. I'm gonna wear my puhple shirk wiff the yion on it and my pwincess shoes."

Okay so it is going to be fairly warm and I will let her wear her t-shirt but we may bring our jacket too.

I will update the day with a few pics.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Kim Turned 40!!

And we celebrated with the City-Girls last night. We partied like it was the end of pre-school ;}.

Sorry about the blurry pics it is hard to catch 3 year olds still sometimes esp if there is a cake and a balloon. My monkey was not up to par because we had had our flu shots last night before we left. The shots made our arms very sore. Even leaving little G a bit grumpy until we got ready to leave then she got wound up.

Re Re Re Retro Friday

Circa 1991 fall. This is my friend, whom I met in college as a sophmore. We were at the Peabody lobby. I was at least 21 so that happened in 1991 September. She is now living in Alaska with three kids and her hubby. All of her kids are adorable though I haven't met in person the baby who is about 3 now.
Love you Amy!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

3 inches 6 lbs.

Scary if it was a baby I was talking about huhn? Actually, that is the height gain and weight gain of G from last summer. She is now a whopping 36" tall and weighs in at 31 lbs. She is 50% for weight and 25% for height. I think her head is still floating in the tenth percentile. No shots were given either. We are going this afternoon after nap for the flu shot that is apparently being offered for free in West Memphis. I will have to leave work early and might possibly have to return to work with G. That may or may not be a good thing.

So now about the eyes. G' first appt was for the opthamologist who had done her tear duct surgery. So my concern was/is that G' left eye turns in. I noticed it and brought it to my mom's attention. My mom thinks I try to find things wrong but that is not necessarily the case. So before the appt as I made my list of questions, my mom asked if I was going to tell the doc that first or let them find it. She suggested that I let them find it. So as we are sitting in the office and the nurse is doing the pre-stuff and I say we are only there for a check up my mom busts in with a "well aren't you going to mention your concerns?" So I am all like, "I thought you said to just let them find it?" So I told the nurse my concerns of the eye turning in.

Okay so then the doc comes in and says, "How long has this eye crossing business been going on?" I was very taken aback by the words crossing as opposed to turning in. Haven't a reason to be but I was. It is all in the reference of it. So anyway, she notices it too and then proceeds to tell me that if I bring pics in of G she will be able to tell by the light reflections whether or not there is a problem. Then she shows us pics in a book of eyes to demonstrate how the light is supposed to look verses a problem eye.

So based on the pics I posted yesterday, G' eyes are fine. The light is reflecting out of the same place on both eyes. If one light was reflecting too close to the nose or too close to the side of her face while one light stayed center, we would be looking at a much bigger deal. Right now then her diagnosis is "Asian eyes," heh!

G is a little far sided and has a "brain quirk" not a depth perception thing. But she doesn't need glasses, and we have an appt in 3 months to watch the crossing eye. The Dr. seems to think that she will see changes quicker than me so she wants to keep a closer eye on G' eyes. That is all fine and well by me. Plus, the insurance will cover it since it is a pathology.

The "brain quirk" is a sensory integration issue, very minor, I have suspected it but didn't see it really interfering yet. G will not walk on the "blue slide" playground structures. The walk ways are metal with holes in the bottom to let rain etc fall through. G slides on her belly to move from one part of the structure to another. She will not walk period unless I am holding her hand. And honestly my holding her hand prevents me from taking the billion photos of her, now doesn't it?

So the doc and the pediatrician agreed later that basically it is like the cow that won't step across the grate at the edge of the field, and that she may or may not grow out of it. I figure if she continues to do it when she gets to school then I will have to take action because she will get stepped on. Otherwise not a big deal, yet.

The funny thing is before each appt. G kept telling me she didn't want to go to the doc and I said that is fine. She said, "So if I tell about it, I don't hafta go?" I said, "Nope, you still have to go but you don't have to want to."

Oh and we were at one appt at 10am then shopped, ate lunch, talked incessantly about Santa who was sleeping in a display window, and to another appt at 2:45pm all without a nap!! No melt downs and an excellently well behaved typical 3 1/2 year old child who fell asleep at 7:30pm WooHoo. I will not recommend a repeat or more than one day like that a year but WOO HOO for G. Oh we also ate dinner at the Mexican place with Grandad and Grammie that evening.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A day of Doctors

Today we are going to have G's eyes checked and have her 3 year check up. We will have some time between visits but we will be gone all day. G however, doesn't want to go and woke up in a foul mood. Of course her foul mood started last night when she wouldn't go to sleep last night and had 2 time outs within 15 mins. Sucks. So wish us luck. My mom is going for entertainment value and to help me remember everything I wanted to say.

Off to load the bag o'tricks for the day.

Monday, November 05, 2007

And Now Pictures

This was one morning when G was trying to sit by her BFF Simon, our cat.

More pics from the Fall Festival. G could have stayed in this jumpy thing all night. She is showing us her trick where she kicks her legs up in the air behind her. (She isn't taking a dive).

Actually these were taken by my cell phone on the way home from Grammie's. She is eating those gigantic butterbeans?!?! They have a technical name but as I dislike all beans I don't remember them. She finished the zip lock bag in the 10 min drive home.


Oh I so don't want to be at work today. I even wore all black for the occasion. Tomorrow is a big doctor's appt with G, her eye appt and a 3 year check up. Okay so she is 3 1/2 who cares.

Last night I noticed as G was looking up at me opened mouthed, that her front two teeth are getting flat at the tip. Mom and I have noticed her grinding them but I didn't think much about it until last night. Looks like I may be taking her to the dentist soon too. The sad thing is my mom has been having significant tooth issues and having to go to the dentist a lot, like every week. G knows this and sees my mom in so much pain. I am not sure what her visit will be like.

We had a pretty good weekend. G didn't spend the night at the grandparents but we saw them both Sat and Sun. My VCR went on the blitz and my dad graciously purchased one from an estate sale Friday. They both came Sat to install it and then dad mowed our "ard" as G says.

After getting my coffee fixed and watching yet another Little People video, THANKS CONNIE WE LOVE THEM, we took my mom to the park to "climb on ebeeting." Mom got to see G in action at the "blue slides."

After the park, G and I took my mom for her manicure. G was fascinated with the process and the Vietnamese men and women doing the nails were fascinated by her. The men there were very good looking. The women were too busy elsewhere for me to see. The men thought G was a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese. It was pretty funny, the one guy just came out and said, "Hey she looks Asian." I said, "good, she is Chinese." G even introduced herself to them as "Baojiang M, G." That made me laugh.

I will post photos of the play ground and some others I have in a later post. I am trying to get the billing done for work. I will do a "First Thing" update soon.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Okay so

500 was a big let down in lots of ways. I started a thankfulness postand worked on it all day between playground, naps and dinner with cousins. Then the later it became I had to just post. I did that and this morning blogger kept the post in blogger pergatory with some error. I just posted it today but tried to post last night. Wow what a mess.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

500th post

So this is it. This is the 500th post on blogger. I have to qualify that because I had a short blog through Rainbow kids before, during and just after referral. Then I started a yahoo group for the actual travel and the year home. This blog I started in Sept 2006 during the lowest point of my life actually. I think keeping a journal/blog has helped me gain some perspective. So in that theme, I post the 500th post: My Gargantuan Thankfulness post

2. G's smile/giggle
3. G growing up
4. That G came to live with me when she was still a baby.
5. For every first I got to have with G
6. G's first family who apparently loved life enough not to abort her.
7. G's second family, her foster family
8. The adoption process that taught me so much about me and my ideas, expanded them and changed them.
9. Books, because I love to read
10. My dog, Clementine, even when she is annoying.
11. My cats, even though they poop out of their cat box
12. The close proximity of my parents
13. Hip kids music like They Might Be Giants-ABC and NO
14. My video collection (mostly Disney movies) collected before G
15. My Tupperware Stainless Steel cookware, makes me feel like a grown up to have matching cookware.
16. My church 2PC (evangelical presbyterian) where we are members.
17. The church we are attending, of Methodist persuasion.
18. Other single mom's who have adopted and are willing to share their lives and experiences to help those who follow through.
19. Tuesday and Wednesday night when my dad picks G up from daycare
20. The "blue slides" where G can burn energy by climbing.
21. Coffee, lattes, breves and vanilla/blueberry flavoring
22. A working car even if it is a gas guzzling SUV
23. The adoption community generally and China adoptive families specifically
24. Our City Girls group, where most of the girls came home the same year
25. My agency Children's Hope International
26. Very cool kids toys
27. My friends whom I have traveled with, worked with, and grew up with
28. health insurance generally
29. A Republican Administration who is pro-life
30. Focus on the Family and the parenting support
31. G's straight black hair
32. Manicures and pedicures although I don't get them often.
33. Cameras and pictures, I love photography and am a very amateur one.
34. Naps that last longer than 2 hours
35. Weekends with no work
36. Having a job even if it isn't what I think I want to do.
37. Nieces and nephews
38. Good neighbors
39. Renters who pay on time
40. A brand new remodeled house to live in (owned by my parents)
41. Office supply stores and catalogues, because I love to look through them
42. Old movies on TMC or AMC
43. Freedom to own a Bible and worship as I want and to Whom I want
44. Freedom to travel around the world and other countries to visit
45. Vanilla milk
46. White chocolate and almonds
47. Free to me pianos
48. G's art work
49. Almond shaped eyes
50. Souvenirs
51. 80s music
52. Red wine even though it has been a long time for me to drink it.
53. Hawaiian spaghetti that my grandmother used to make
54. large families at Thanksgiving
55. Fun fondue parties
56. homemade afghans/blankets/quilts
57. Warm beds in cold days
58. cell phones and internet access
59. Oil paintings
60. pasta and basil pesto
61. Silk pajamas
62. house shoes and pajama days
63. Vacations
64. The zoo with G
65. Takin' a walkin' with G after school
66. Travel books
67. Bookstores with coffee shops
68. Other adoptive bloggers
69. Conversations with G
70. Tupperware dishes because it is easy
71. Birthday parties
72. Creative and talented people
73. Colors in the world
74. Hand Me Down clothes from our cousin
75. Working VCRs and DVDs

This is actually not as gargantuan as I would like but life intervenes right now and I must play with G

Friday, November 02, 2007

Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. In honor of this Elle has designed this lovely badge. Also the background color is purple for the month of November in honor of Adoption Awareness.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween the Aftermath

At the school party.

All tattoo-ed up and ready to go.

A very Happy Birthday Cake ready to get lots of candy.

Well we had a very good time last night. G looked cute and had many compliments on the "original" idea.

I will claim it as very original however it was not original with me. I so stole her costume idea from a travel buddy of ours, M and her mom, B. They designed one last year, and I lifted the idea.

The best part of it was that G helped make it. The funny part of it was that it totally confused her as to what yesterday was. She woke up and we had to sing Happy Birthday to her quick before going to school. Then she told me I needed to buy the birthday cake and bring balloons for everyone. Any and every party at her school is, to G anyway, a birthday party.

The costume was extremely tempting to the other kids who just wanted to touch it and pull the cotton off it. But we had fun. She was able to take it off to bounce and then we went to dinner with my parents who also went with us to trick or treat.
By the way, how long does it take the tattoos to wear off or what non-abrasive substance can I use to get it off?