Thursday, November 08, 2007

3 inches 6 lbs.

Scary if it was a baby I was talking about huhn? Actually, that is the height gain and weight gain of G from last summer. She is now a whopping 36" tall and weighs in at 31 lbs. She is 50% for weight and 25% for height. I think her head is still floating in the tenth percentile. No shots were given either. We are going this afternoon after nap for the flu shot that is apparently being offered for free in West Memphis. I will have to leave work early and might possibly have to return to work with G. That may or may not be a good thing.

So now about the eyes. G' first appt was for the opthamologist who had done her tear duct surgery. So my concern was/is that G' left eye turns in. I noticed it and brought it to my mom's attention. My mom thinks I try to find things wrong but that is not necessarily the case. So before the appt as I made my list of questions, my mom asked if I was going to tell the doc that first or let them find it. She suggested that I let them find it. So as we are sitting in the office and the nurse is doing the pre-stuff and I say we are only there for a check up my mom busts in with a "well aren't you going to mention your concerns?" So I am all like, "I thought you said to just let them find it?" So I told the nurse my concerns of the eye turning in.

Okay so then the doc comes in and says, "How long has this eye crossing business been going on?" I was very taken aback by the words crossing as opposed to turning in. Haven't a reason to be but I was. It is all in the reference of it. So anyway, she notices it too and then proceeds to tell me that if I bring pics in of G she will be able to tell by the light reflections whether or not there is a problem. Then she shows us pics in a book of eyes to demonstrate how the light is supposed to look verses a problem eye.

So based on the pics I posted yesterday, G' eyes are fine. The light is reflecting out of the same place on both eyes. If one light was reflecting too close to the nose or too close to the side of her face while one light stayed center, we would be looking at a much bigger deal. Right now then her diagnosis is "Asian eyes," heh!

G is a little far sided and has a "brain quirk" not a depth perception thing. But she doesn't need glasses, and we have an appt in 3 months to watch the crossing eye. The Dr. seems to think that she will see changes quicker than me so she wants to keep a closer eye on G' eyes. That is all fine and well by me. Plus, the insurance will cover it since it is a pathology.

The "brain quirk" is a sensory integration issue, very minor, I have suspected it but didn't see it really interfering yet. G will not walk on the "blue slide" playground structures. The walk ways are metal with holes in the bottom to let rain etc fall through. G slides on her belly to move from one part of the structure to another. She will not walk period unless I am holding her hand. And honestly my holding her hand prevents me from taking the billion photos of her, now doesn't it?

So the doc and the pediatrician agreed later that basically it is like the cow that won't step across the grate at the edge of the field, and that she may or may not grow out of it. I figure if she continues to do it when she gets to school then I will have to take action because she will get stepped on. Otherwise not a big deal, yet.

The funny thing is before each appt. G kept telling me she didn't want to go to the doc and I said that is fine. She said, "So if I tell about it, I don't hafta go?" I said, "Nope, you still have to go but you don't have to want to."

Oh and we were at one appt at 10am then shopped, ate lunch, talked incessantly about Santa who was sleeping in a display window, and to another appt at 2:45pm all without a nap!! No melt downs and an excellently well behaved typical 3 1/2 year old child who fell asleep at 7:30pm WooHoo. I will not recommend a repeat or more than one day like that a year but WOO HOO for G. Oh we also ate dinner at the Mexican place with Grandad and Grammie that evening.


Tasha said...

Wow. I tend to grow that much overnight.. and just in my midsection region.

Wendy said...

Glad her eyes are okay....and that you had a 'meltdown-free' day!!

I hope I can say the same thing today!

mommy24treasures said...

glad you received postive reports. Love it when the diagnosis is so tehcincal. Asian eyes, who'd a thought??;)

Yea for Glenys and no meltdowns !

Heather said...

Glad to hear the eyes are being watched & not needing treatment.
She's almost exactly the same size as Acer-Height & weight wise, but he'll be three in Dec..
I think I know where her melt-down went - it went here & Acer had it instead!
Heather BT

Tracy said...

Wow, what a growth spurt! I think Amelia is about 25 lbs and I'm not sure how tall (but she is usually in the 25th percentile also). You know I had to go back and look at all my pictures (and those of my freinds kids) for "asian eyes" I have noticed the same thing with Jack (but it's not always the same eye and I only see it in pictures) and I noticed it Amelia's eyes also. Funny how you don't notice those things until someone else points them out:)