Thursday, November 01, 2007

3 left after this one

So I agreed and signed up for this. We shall see how far I get. After taking the day off yesterday attempting to blog from home I may miss a couple of days. So in order to keep up the Nov. blogging I will not post pics on the day I am home, it over loads the computer. I will not blog a specific theme and I will keep the wordless Wed. Happy November 1. Today is All Saints Day the day that the deaths of Christians are celebrated as they have left the Church militant to the Church Triumphant.
Now for those non-churched folks, the militant part means an active fight against evil, to evangelize the world, and to introduce the world to Jesus Christ as Savior. For He died on a cross for the sins of the world so that any person who so chooses to accept the payment for their own sins would live eternally with Him, going to the Church Triumphant in the death in this world.
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Sharon Flath said...


Sharon Flath said...

Where did you learn all this? Go Bev!!