Saturday, November 03, 2007

500th post

So this is it. This is the 500th post on blogger. I have to qualify that because I had a short blog through Rainbow kids before, during and just after referral. Then I started a yahoo group for the actual travel and the year home. This blog I started in Sept 2006 during the lowest point of my life actually. I think keeping a journal/blog has helped me gain some perspective. So in that theme, I post the 500th post: My Gargantuan Thankfulness post

2. G's smile/giggle
3. G growing up
4. That G came to live with me when she was still a baby.
5. For every first I got to have with G
6. G's first family who apparently loved life enough not to abort her.
7. G's second family, her foster family
8. The adoption process that taught me so much about me and my ideas, expanded them and changed them.
9. Books, because I love to read
10. My dog, Clementine, even when she is annoying.
11. My cats, even though they poop out of their cat box
12. The close proximity of my parents
13. Hip kids music like They Might Be Giants-ABC and NO
14. My video collection (mostly Disney movies) collected before G
15. My Tupperware Stainless Steel cookware, makes me feel like a grown up to have matching cookware.
16. My church 2PC (evangelical presbyterian) where we are members.
17. The church we are attending, of Methodist persuasion.
18. Other single mom's who have adopted and are willing to share their lives and experiences to help those who follow through.
19. Tuesday and Wednesday night when my dad picks G up from daycare
20. The "blue slides" where G can burn energy by climbing.
21. Coffee, lattes, breves and vanilla/blueberry flavoring
22. A working car even if it is a gas guzzling SUV
23. The adoption community generally and China adoptive families specifically
24. Our City Girls group, where most of the girls came home the same year
25. My agency Children's Hope International
26. Very cool kids toys
27. My friends whom I have traveled with, worked with, and grew up with
28. health insurance generally
29. A Republican Administration who is pro-life
30. Focus on the Family and the parenting support
31. G's straight black hair
32. Manicures and pedicures although I don't get them often.
33. Cameras and pictures, I love photography and am a very amateur one.
34. Naps that last longer than 2 hours
35. Weekends with no work
36. Having a job even if it isn't what I think I want to do.
37. Nieces and nephews
38. Good neighbors
39. Renters who pay on time
40. A brand new remodeled house to live in (owned by my parents)
41. Office supply stores and catalogues, because I love to look through them
42. Old movies on TMC or AMC
43. Freedom to own a Bible and worship as I want and to Whom I want
44. Freedom to travel around the world and other countries to visit
45. Vanilla milk
46. White chocolate and almonds
47. Free to me pianos
48. G's art work
49. Almond shaped eyes
50. Souvenirs
51. 80s music
52. Red wine even though it has been a long time for me to drink it.
53. Hawaiian spaghetti that my grandmother used to make
54. large families at Thanksgiving
55. Fun fondue parties
56. homemade afghans/blankets/quilts
57. Warm beds in cold days
58. cell phones and internet access
59. Oil paintings
60. pasta and basil pesto
61. Silk pajamas
62. house shoes and pajama days
63. Vacations
64. The zoo with G
65. Takin' a walkin' with G after school
66. Travel books
67. Bookstores with coffee shops
68. Other adoptive bloggers
69. Conversations with G
70. Tupperware dishes because it is easy
71. Birthday parties
72. Creative and talented people
73. Colors in the world
74. Hand Me Down clothes from our cousin
75. Working VCRs and DVDs

This is actually not as gargantuan as I would like but life intervenes right now and I must play with G


Dawn said...

Congratulations. Wow, 500 is a lot. I really like reading your blog and seeing the cute pictures of Glenys. She is adorable.

mommy24treasures said...

happy 500! I enjoy your Glenys stories so much. You have a great list here.

Christy said...

HAPPY 500!!! That is quite an accomplishment!!

You have so much to be thankful for!! Wonderful list. I especially like #29. Maybe not a popular opinion but I could care less-- love 29!!

Christy :)

Tasha said...

Wow.. 500 is dedication!

Susan said...

Congratulations! I've enjoyed reading.

A Special Family said...

lol I thought you were going to do 500 things! lol
Great list!