Monday, November 19, 2007

G and the Dentist

Yea, no pics because I had to have G lay on top of me so I could hold her down for the tooth brushing. HYSTERICAL. After it was over we went to see my mom and she asked if G cried.

 G nodded her head and my mom said, "A little bit?"

G said, "No, mucher." I love toddler speak.

Oh and we have three cavities, yuck, but we are not going to further tramatize her. We will just watch her for the next 6 months.


nikki said...

Glenys sounds like she likes the dentist about as much as I do!
I used to cry "mucher" too - now I just neglect going!
Poor baby!

kris said...

Poor Glenys! Hope she's mucher better now that the visit is over with!

Sharon Flath said...

Poor baby!! I was in the dentist chair yesterday too! We got PA, Beverly!! I am in a euphoric cloud and even look foward to the dentist with HER! I already told them she is coming in right away!

Salome's Mom said...

Does Glenys brush her teeth? That could be traumatic if she doesn't. I had the hardest time getting Sally to brush at the beginning. I used to held her down to hysterical screams. I finally prevailed and she now likes it, but it was not without its battle. Poor baby, it was mucher scarer.

mommy24treasures said...

ahhh... Caitylyn's cleaning was very successful remember? But the trip back for the two cavities was a zero. She was doing ok and they had the laughing gas mask on her and she was resting with the nurse and when the dentist came in he starteled her out of her rest mode and she said she was going home and was very adamant. Now we have to go sedation route. Hers are too bad to watch. Phooey... (an estra $150 bucks)
I am glad Glenys's aren't that bad.