Saturday, November 10, 2007

Going to the zoo

Today we are going to the zoo for a couple of hours. G was so excited when the alarm went off and I got up. She said, "Today we are going to the zoo. I can wear a t-shirk because it is wurm at the zoo. I'm gonna wear my puhple shirk wiff the yion on it and my pwincess shoes."

Okay so it is going to be fairly warm and I will let her wear her t-shirt but we may bring our jacket too.

I will update the day with a few pics.


nikki said...

Seriously Beverly, Your Glenys and my Lily sound so much alike it's crazy!

Hope you took some pics of her at the zoo with her purple shirt with the lion on it! Too cute!

mommy24treasures said...

dont you love that baby talk... I do...Have fun I thinkw e need to go again next week, we are going to have 70's weather in the afternoons...