Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grumpy grumpy grumpy

Me not her. On the weekends, I have my alarm set to go off at 8:26 am. G woke up both days somewhere in the late 6ish early 7s. I asked her to let me sleep so she stays quiet for me. Instead, she crawls on me, leans on me, stretches on me, sits on me, pokes me in the eye, uses me for a push off and generally keeps me from sleeping in that extra hour before the alarm goes off.

I woke up in the worst mood. I hate being awakened that way. Never mind the dog who does the same to me because that is miserable too. But to have both of them do it is just the cake's icing in a bad way.

Last night I tried to interest her in family videos, my family's early years. You know the silent ones? She wasn't interested in seeing Grammie and Grandad so young and not see any of her. So instead we watched the Sound of Music. Then when the "police men's" part came on she got a bath.

We will be taking a very long nap today. Wish me luck on that. She didn't sleep two hours yesterday and even got up out of the bed on her own after her nap. She doesn't do that often at all.

Now off to make coffee and walk to church. Looks like it is cold out but surely not after such a beautiful day.


Salome's Mom said...

Welcome to my world. My Sally does the exact same thing. I have given up on staying in bed. It just annoys me more. I hope you get rest. I am a night person, so you can imagine, no matter how early I get up (and I get up super early for work)on my days off I go to sleep late.

hausfrau said...

sleep is a beautiful thing. You will need that nap! Hope it happens for you... hugs.

Christy said...

I would be grumpy too!! I hate mornings already but to be woken early--- uggg!!! Hope you had a good day!

Christy :)

Susan said...

Oh, so sorry. I've been missing my sleep since April. Hmmm... I wonder why. Just remember that you can pay Glenys back when she's a teenager and doesn't want to get up before noon! LOL. I hope you get your nap this afternoon.