Friday, November 30, 2007

It is 2:30 am what are you doing?

Cause you know what I am doing! The medicine I took tonight wore off and I woke up choking. G went to the doctor and has the start of an ear infection. She is on 10 days of amoxicillon. This is probably the 3rd time in our life together that she has had to have antibiotics. Dr. was impressed by her healthiness. Never mind the 3 times of puking her guts up that didn't last long enough to take her to the doctor for it. Yuck on the puke. I can so handle an ear infection not the puke!

She also has had the fever virus once and that sucks big hard rocks. That was last April and I did take her to the doc for that but got no meds b/c it was a virus. That is a pathetic illness. I felt so badly for her and could feel her fever rise every 4 hours like clockwork. So any moms reading this who have a kid with a fever and no other symptoms, probably just a virus and I feel sorry for you and your sick kid. Not fun to watch them with high fevers at all. I cried lots over that helpless feeling.

I go to the doc tomorrow afternoon so I can get the nice sinus cocktail that will wipe my arse out for the evening. It is Friday what other pleasant things can a single gal who has no kiddo for the evening think of to do? I don't even have a good movie to watch I don't think.

Oh and G so showed out today. Her Grammie went with me b/c sometimes it is easier to have a 3rd party there while I check out etc. My mom was so utterly embarrassed by G in the pharmacy b/c she was acting in typical 3 year old stuff, you know pulling my skirt off, giggling, being defiant. My mom said she didn't think G ever acted that way, which goes to show you how much my mom doesn't believe a word I say!!

Then we went to eat dinner at Wendy's because G wanted some "fwinch fwies" and actually ate her chicken nuggets. That surprised me. She hasn't had/wanted those in about a year. Then we went to the coffee shop and got them a milk shake and me a coffee which had no effect on my ability to fall asleep nor wake me up except for the sinus stuff.

I asked G one day if we should get grandad good coffee from the coffee shop for Christmas and she said, "No, he alweady has coffee." So tonight I asked her in front of my mom what we should get grandad and she said, "make up.'' I guess she feels sorry for him since he is a boy and boys don't wear makeup, normally that is.

She is also really stressed that I am going to the doctor for a shot and a bandaid but she so desperately doesn't want me to be sick either. Big tears for the ole sinus infection. Oh and the doc said I was right about the nature of G' cough it is all post nasal drip that lead to the ear infection, nothing in the lungs which was why delsym wasn't touching the cough. That is another thing, G only told me two nights ago that her ear hurt. She told me one time and never mentioned it again until asked at the doc and she was consistent in pointing out which ear it was. She didn't complain about the pain at all. Maybe I should have been a doctor except I don't particularly like sick people.

Okay, can you die by drowning in your own snot? If so I am wishing it now. I don't feel well at all. I have to go to work in the morning then to the walk in clinic in the afternoon. There is a nurse practitioner there that treated me last year for the same thing and I want the same meds from her. Oh and I dislike shots too. I am not looking forward to it but I am looking forward to the quickness of feeling better!!


Courtney Mei & her Guinness said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you and Glenys are so sick!! We just got over sinus infections ourselves ... not fun. You are right about the mucus thing, poor Courtney actually choked on her mucus and vomited...

Sending "get-better" wishes your way!


Kerry said...

Take care and feel better...My husband was sick all week and now I'm getting it. Fun.

Donna said...

I didn't know there was such a shot; I'll have to ask for it next time I get a nasty sinus infection. I hope both you and Glenys feel better and are able to have fun this weekend.

laurel said...

I hope you all get feeling better! Hang in there.

The Byrd Family said...

I hope you are feeling better now. I usually get that once a year and it stinks!!!!