Friday, November 09, 2007

Kim Turned 40!!

And we celebrated with the City-Girls last night. We partied like it was the end of pre-school ;}.

Sorry about the blurry pics it is hard to catch 3 year olds still sometimes esp if there is a cake and a balloon. My monkey was not up to par because we had had our flu shots last night before we left. The shots made our arms very sore. Even leaving little G a bit grumpy until we got ready to leave then she got wound up.


Sharon Flath said...

John got a flu shot and had instant flu! It only lasted one day but he had a sick day (that he worked at home the whole time, the spaz!)But that shot is harder on some people than others!

mommy24treasures said...

My dad felt awful for 24 hours too... had a fever of 102!

Looks like a fun night, the cake looks yummy... I haven't had dessert yet tonite.

nikki said...

Glad you were able to celebrate with your friend!

(We need to get flu shots here!)