Monday, November 05, 2007


Oh I so don't want to be at work today. I even wore all black for the occasion. Tomorrow is a big doctor's appt with G, her eye appt and a 3 year check up. Okay so she is 3 1/2 who cares.

Last night I noticed as G was looking up at me opened mouthed, that her front two teeth are getting flat at the tip. Mom and I have noticed her grinding them but I didn't think much about it until last night. Looks like I may be taking her to the dentist soon too. The sad thing is my mom has been having significant tooth issues and having to go to the dentist a lot, like every week. G knows this and sees my mom in so much pain. I am not sure what her visit will be like.

We had a pretty good weekend. G didn't spend the night at the grandparents but we saw them both Sat and Sun. My VCR went on the blitz and my dad graciously purchased one from an estate sale Friday. They both came Sat to install it and then dad mowed our "ard" as G says.

After getting my coffee fixed and watching yet another Little People video, THANKS CONNIE WE LOVE THEM, we took my mom to the park to "climb on ebeeting." Mom got to see G in action at the "blue slides."

After the park, G and I took my mom for her manicure. G was fascinated with the process and the Vietnamese men and women doing the nails were fascinated by her. The men there were very good looking. The women were too busy elsewhere for me to see. The men thought G was a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese. It was pretty funny, the one guy just came out and said, "Hey she looks Asian." I said, "good, she is Chinese." G even introduced herself to them as "Baojiang M, G." That made me laugh.

I will post photos of the play ground and some others I have in a later post. I am trying to get the billing done for work. I will do a "First Thing" update soon.

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