Friday, November 16, 2007

To Spammers

Thank you for your concern of my life as I see it your e-mails to me. The thing is I am not interested in who is naughty or nice. I am not a guy who needs a penile enlargement. I do not need vi*agr*a I do not want to see your pictures. I do not want to know with whom you are playing. I need no medication at any time. If I thought the lottery was for real-ee-oo I might be inclined but as I don't play lotteries it is unreasonable to believe that I won. I know no one in Africa or the Middle East, and therefore can't be the long lost anything of anyone.

Please stop junking up my junk box and e-mail. Your concern for my life style is unwanted.

The Management


kris said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sick of spammers asking if I want a larger penis. Get a effing clue already and leave me the hell alone!

Ashley Winters said...

Great post! I am really sick and tired of getting all that ridiculous spam mail too! What a waste of time!