Friday, November 16, 2007

Well This Morning Started Off With a Bang

And has gotten not so good. Just got off the phone with my mom who has been called by one of her credit cards with a charge for $1200 supposedly by me. Instead of mom telling them that it is fraud she tells them to hold it until she checks with me. There is also a $600 charge to Dell. Here is the thing, when we were shopping after G' doctor visit, we were pulled over in the mall to a Dead Sea Salt company, and mom bought some product.

Because she was carrying G, I signed the receipt. I fully believe that those people running that kiosk stole my mom's account number and are using my name. The purchase was made today. I have been home all day, and I don't have my mom's credit card number. I just woke up from a nap even. I have used it for picture purchases, but that was on her photo account because she didn't know how to do it. I also have used it for a trip in 2003, but paid mom in cash the day I used it.

Okay well back to the title, let's start last night. G and I attended a Pampered Chef party last night. I came home with 4 items, 3 purchased and 1 won. I even got $5 off my purchase. One of the items is a Christmas gift for my friend Shay. The other is mine, a spoon rest where the spoon stands up in the drip bowl.

The home where this party was hosted had one of our FCC friends that G could have played with for 2 hours that we were there. So where did G stay? Right beside me for 2 hours. I made more than one attempt to get her to play with the girl and her little friend and G refused until it was time to go home. Then she refused to put on her coat and screamed/cried for 30 mins while on the way home.

See she walked in and was shy. Lots of people tried to entertain her. Now I think the shy gig is a ploy for attention. Oh she was very very good during the presentation. The food was good but the presentation took too long, I think. The whole dealio (and why am I writing this way?) should have been over in 2 hours,but she was still taking orders when we left after 2 hours. I know from where I speak as I have sold several different home based things my fav being Tupperware.

I don't really like PC products as a rule because they are heavy to use. I don't like the glass mixing bowl because it is heavy. I haven't ever used the baking stuff but did learn that if the stone fits in the microwave you can use it. I inherited a stone and now I know how to clean it so I can use it. I may start using it regularly.

At 1am this morning G started coughing, this has been going on every morning about the same time all week long. I give her her Rx med for drying up the drainage and a dose of delsym cough med before bed. So about half way through the over an hour coughing spell I get up to give her a dose of Robitussin. As I listen to her cough until past 2 am I second guess the additional dose because it is draining down her throat not coming up from her lungs. So benadryl should have been the dose. We didn't get to bed or asleep before 10:30 pm. So I was so tired this morning. Thank goodness for a vacay today.

So this morning, I went to G' school to do a reading for National Adoption Awareness. I got a free book from EMK Press but it wasn't the original book they offered which now I think was a mistake. This book was "I Don't Have Your Eyes." I like the book but the project that went with it was a total mistake for 3-4 year olds. PERIOD. The project pointed out that all people fall into far more colors than red, yellow, black and white. The original book was "Forever Fingerprints" with a project of ink stamping fingerprints, much easier to do with kids this age.

In theory the skin color project was a good thing but not for the age group. Plus, I arranged this with her teacher Ms. Cheryl a month ago and explained that I would read and she needed to do the project with the kids. Well, Ms. Cheryl accepted a position elsewhere. So Ms. Tammy (new teacher) was given the project materials, and I caught up with her on Wed. to discuss the plans of which she knew nothing and prepared nothing. This morning Ms. Tammy wasn't there.

She called in sick and nothing had been done with the project materials. On top of that, Ms. Sarah (teacher on duty when we arrived) went on break when it was time for the project and her relief was absolutely no help. And the book that was a gift to the glass? Well, seems Ms. Cheryl let it be part of the official class books before the reading and one page was ripped out of it. Cool huh?

So for my part a total failure. The kids got nothing from the book reading or the project. All the white kids identified with the white color and the only other races/colors represented are one African American boy and G. There are no other adopted children or at least that will admit it. I just think the original book and project would have been much more productive and appreciated.

Now I am headed to my mom's for dinner and to help her clear up the card and clear my good name. What a way to start the holiday season, fraud.


Johnny said...

Having had my main credit card account number stolen 3 times, the moment you sniff something odd....get a new number.

In each case, the credit card company computers caught it that day. But as a result, I check my account online at least once or twice a week.

Tasha said...

Wow. Not exactly the 'day in the life of B.' that I envisioned. I think the credit card fraud was more than enough for one day!

mommy24treasures said...

I have dealt with the credit card issues a couple of times myself. It is frustrating. They have to be so careful once I purchased a computer from dell on the clearance site the credit card got declined and I lost the buy because they thought I might not be me. ugh.
Sorry about the school project not turning out more positive.

mommy24treasures said...

sorry for the funny word on top of my comment... that was me trying to type in the word code and I did it in the wrong place!