Monday, December 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday-Zoo Visit

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Riverdance-A New Tradition

Yes, the Irish Dance Troupe that toured in the 90s, makes me very emotional. My sister passed down her old videos, and I thought I could get G interested in dance by watching it, nah, not so much. But watching it from the beginning really makes a huge lump in my throat to the point that I really can't talk without crying.

So tonight I started a New Year's Eve tradition of going out to dinner with G. We just went to Wendy's. I hope I remember it next year. Then we came to watch a movie, and this was as fast moving as I could think of to keep her interest, but alas, it was all for naught, as she doesn't want to wear the panty hose at all, no matter what.


Weekend Zoo

This weekend G and I were supposed to go to the zoo with a fellow blogger and her daughter but as G was too busy for me in St. Woois with her Grammie and Grandad I borrowed a kid and met them anyway.

We went to the zoo because our friend's daughter said she wanted to see the animals. Most of them that we reallyed wanted to see were too cold for display. The African Emperor Penguins were too cold. Anyway, here are some photos from the day. The weather was cold at first but then became a little warm for heavy coats.

It was so nice to meet Ms. N and her mommy. N came home to her forever family in November from Columbia. Thank you, N for bringing your mom to the zoo with me. And thank you Best Friend Boy's mom for loaning him to me. He was a doll but oh so all boy, very busy.

Okay, So How Many Times...

...Can the 3.5 year old G beat me at Mexican Train and at memory match? Apparently, every time we play, why do you ask?

Yes that is right, this 37 year old mom is beat by and felt sorry for by her 3.5 year old. Oh and it is roughly fair and square. By that I mean, G isn't picking up more dominoes than needed although I do help her to know which domino she needs to match, does that count?

We played as a team against my niece and nephew but we played against each other later in the evening. Pretty funny to be beat by a toddler, albeit a very smart toddler.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Updating the blog roll

If you would like your URL on the side bar let me know. If you would let me put it up there until I change jobs and get it in my favs on my computer at my new work, let me know too. I like to follow the blogs. Makes the world not seem so large. If you don't see yourself on the side bar and wish to be or don't mind to be send me a link. If you are on there and don't wish to be let me know and I can remove you, no harm no foul.

Thanks, Management

I Got It

So apparently there was nothing in the toilet water to affect the test, YIPPEE.

It is more than I make now with a 6month review. They are fine with me coming in at 9am. But I will try to get there at 8:30am at least two days a week. Aren't I generous? Anyhoo, I have the paper/contract/offer ready to fax on Monday morning with my resignation submitted already to HR and letters ready to hand to my supervisor and the owner's son.

So now for the next two weeks I clean up the computer, desk, and train someone to replace me. Then I begin the next adventure at 3rd Thing on January 15. I wish I had the money to take some time off but alas, I don't.

I am trying to upload a video of G playing dress up but blogger is being fussy. If not tonight then Monday. Got it.

A Couple of Things

Who ever you are from Pakistan, welcome, and I wish you safety in this severe time of testing. Prayers to you my friend, who ever you are.

Okay, now for the job update. I wore my new fancy schmancy shoes and was complimented by one of the staff members. Then I was hit on by one of the larger security guards, ugh! Then I was drug tested which is no biggie except that I knocked the cup off into the toilet right before I peed. Great huh? Too embarrassed to tell her what I did. Could not wash my hands and yes I pulled the cup out and peed anyway. Which is just gross. After she allowed me to flush I washed my hands really good. If anyone peed with anything in their system it will show up. I am such an idiot. Just want to hurl thinking about it!!!

Then I spoke with one of the owners who had heard and believed the horror stories from Gmark, the psychologically damaging place. He totally understood. I think if the drug screen goes well, then the job is totally mine. We even discussed the terrible life change I will have to endure with G, getting up earlier and the new longer drive. They will be flexible with the coming in time. Maybe I can work 8:30 to 5:30. Or 8:30 to 5 with two to three late nights a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday some. Those nights my dad usually picks G up from daycare anyway. I asked mom if dad would continue to do so even after retirement so if this job pays well enough I can take it.

I don't think I will try to use it as leverage because honestly I currently have time to follow over 100 blogs and play 10 games of spider solitaire 3 days a week at work. WAAAAAY TOO MUCH FREE TIME!! Everyone here has it. There really isn't enough work for all of the "Friends" of the owners. Also, under my current supervisor I will never get any where. This is not really an expandable position and she never gives anything higher than a 3 out of 5 on eval. to anyone. The owner's son who supervises people gives a lot of 5s. So although I could truly do a lot more than I am doing now and would do so willingly, I am held back to keep from having anyone lose their current position.

If I am offered and accept the job, I will have a lot less time on the internet so I will not follow as many blogs or not read the full scale version of every one's blogs. Mostly will look for picts. I also will not be a regular poster on my own blog. Of course that depends on how much free time I get at the new place. Also, depends on how fast the new computer will be, heh!

Truly if it wasn't for G, this would be a no brainer. But because I don't get to spend that much awake time with her now, it will be harder. She is getting older and soon will be able to totally get herself ready with little direction. There may be some times though that she will end up at school in PJs or hysterics. I can already tell it.

Is it Friday? Well then it is Retro Friday!

Me in Rome in 1999. My very first trip to Europe. Life long dream. Traveled with a tour group and my best friend. I was wearing "mom jeans" before they were cool! heh!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not Out of the Running Yet

So apparently I was called back to a second interview by the company 45 mins away from me. Not sure where I posted about it, and too tired/lazy to find it. Anyhoo, I didn't think the interview went well. G even had to spend the night with my parents in order for me to make the 9am appt.

So today I get a reply e-mail from one I had sent that day that asked if I was interested in the job still. I literally thought someone else had been given the job and they just didn't bother calling. That is how badly I thought the initial interview went. Plus, I think they thought I was someone else, someone known by one of the owners. Okay, so I reply back and say that I am still very interested.

Then I get an e-mail asking for a number to contact me, never mind that it is on the resume and the application. I reply back apologizing for not giving it sooner and give her both the cell and work. So she calls with pleasantries and asks why I wasn't able to come for the second interview. I had no idea I had an interview. I was thoroughly confused. I told her that I was sure they weren't interested because I had listed all of the cold/cough meds and antibiotics I was on in case I was given a drug screen, which included a codeine based cough med to sleep.

So she said, "Yes, we thought that was funny that you listed all of that but I guess we are glad you did." HUH? It was on the application. Doesn't everybody list everything that could screw up a drug screen? They should!! So tomorrow morning at 9 am I am going for the second interview. No need putting off until next week. I am eager to hear what they have to say. The first go round they asked my price range. Surely they aren't asking me back with a lower bid. The drive alone will kill me plus the hours are 8 to 5. Currently my hours are 9 to 5. Oh and never mind that the gas is going to suck the pay check down.

Okay, so wish me luck. G is spending the next two nights with Grammie and Grandad and my niece and nephew. They are heading off to MO to see my CA nephew and his parents who flew into the SIL's family for Christmas. I would love to go but alas, I have things to do. Plus, G now will miss the Sat. morning get together with a Nashville adoptive parent who is coming in for a visit.

If she gets up in the morning though and is missing me they will take her to school and I will pick her up. I doubt she will miss me that much. But I will say that Saturday night we will have a difficult time re-connecting after this week. She had a melt down last night over not wanting to go to school, so Grandad picked her up early after nap. I guess it all worked out fine though considering.

Christmas day pics.

These pics are all backwards. These were taken at the end of the night and all three girls wanted to play with the shaving cream. This is G and my two nieces. So far in the whole family there are three boys and three girls. One of the nephews wasn't here.

My niece helped G play with her gigantic book of stickers. She is much more patient than I am at playing stickers.

My best cousin helped me walk on the balance beam.

I helped my Grandad work the Care Bear puzzle.

Most excited about the ink stamp set.

My niece on the balance beam lovingly created by my dad and brother. Here is G resting in her new tent Grammie and Grandad got her.

G got this t-shirt for Christmas and immediately had to have it on. She was holding it up to see if it fits, "yep it fits me."

This is one of the wash cloths that needs to soak in water to see the pic and it was a princess that matched the umbrella.

We are all about tattoos and santa brought G some. So we put them everywhere. They will wear off eventually. They were hannahbarberra tats, flinstones, yogi bear etc.

My niece and nephew playing the Xbox 360 guitar hero. Both of them wondered how I knew all the words to the songs on there?!?!

My sister was able to get G kisses. This is the first time G got so close to her in well since we have been home really. My sis has to bribe and cajole to get G near her. My sis has a very strong personality and G doesn't warm up to strong personalities. It is part of her need to control a situation. If she approaches first then things will be really good otherwise she will not get too close.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

G's first glance at her Santa gifts.

This is my first attempt at a movie. This would not have happened had I told my nephew how to use my camcorder. Sometimes mistakes are blessings in disguise. This is taped onto the SD photo disk not the actual tape so the quality is not great but hey, it is a video and now I know.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas is Over for Another Year

G woke up this morning and said, "Yets go see what Santa brought. Oh my gosh, I can't wait."

Funny girl. Then she was a bit overwhelmed walking into my parents house having everyone watch her look at her stuff. She really liked it but still didn't quite get it. She played with her stuff all day and eventually even got to where she wasn't afraid of the balance beam her grandad made her. My nephew and niece got a Xbox 360 with the guitar hero. I guess the music I listened too is better suited for guitar hero rather than muzak so that is good, huh?

G received from Santa, an Asian baby doll ready for her bath (China Sprout), a cabbage patch teen and the CBT animal grooming station, a Princess umbrella, two cans of shaving cream, some strawberry shortcake people, candy, tattoos (used up now), new house shoes (that she will not wear), and I can't remember it anymore. I gave her some books, two carebear puzzles, A bugs life movie, a red shirt and pants, and an ink stamp set. Grandad and Grammie gave her a balance beam, a tent, a large story sticker book, pink crocs (fake), a sheep puppet that sings one of the songs from A Sound of Music, A lonely goater.

She received a play nativity set, and a fisher price animal grooming set from some cousins. She got some long sleeved t-shirts from the other set of cousins. She received some blues clues books and a color by number artwork from another cousin. My mom and dad gave us a Children's Museum Membership which is pretty cool. I plan on using it this coming Saturday.

I can't remember everything now. I will post pics tomorrow and sadly I remembered that G doesn't go to school tomorrow so she is spending the night with the grandparents and two sets of cousins. So I will get the santa pic on Thursday afternoon probably. I hope I hope.

Okay now I have to go find where the stupid cats pissed. Apparently one of them doesn't like the cat box. I know I will be very sad when they die but in times like these I am very ready to be sad!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Taking a picture to send to Santa or Cackie's didi in China.

Cassie, Cackie, Gili and G at the end of the night.

"But I CAN'T wait!!"

"OO yook at all the toe poshish"

"A BABY! Now where is my umbrella?"

Okay, Here is the Update

The picture will be here Wednesday. She was so proud of herself. My mom got to hear the story first and she said G marched into the house and told her she stood in front of Santa for the picture. She told him she wants a baby and an umbrella. That is my wish for her since she didn't really have anything in mind.

Okay so last night we met up with our friends who waited and traveled in the same year. All of the girls played so good together. Everyone was truly amazed at how much G has come out of her shell. She even told ours hosts that she would like to come back to there house and play. It almost made Mr. Michael cry when she gave him a hug too. We well overstayed but truly didn't realize it. At one point it was 8:30pm then when we left it was 10:13pm. I have no idea where the hour went.

Then the worst of the evening happened. I got a speeding ticket from a very unmerciful cop. Yes I was due it but he absolutely refused to hear my plea. Full ticket. I have no money to pay it. I will have to go to court to work out a payment plan. Then when we got home, Clementine, from her kennel, managed to move herself to chew up a bag and most of its contents. The bag was about 3 feet away from her and contained my shoes!!. She got them out of the box but totally chewed up a pair of black pants. The bag was totally ripped to shreds.

Then after bath, having gotten everything cleaned up with the dog, I go to the kitchen and upon returning to the bedroom see that the cat puked. I said, "Oh Hell, Can I not catch a break?" and without missing a beat, G said, "No."

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with my uncle, cousin and his family. They are very kind to G. She got a Jasmine barbie, a dress up princess set and a tape player microphone thingy. She had a great time, as I did. But she was a bit confused. She looked up at me after she opened everything and said, "Where is my umbrella?" She got her baby and had not clue why she didn't get the other request. I pointed out that this wasn't Santa, this was just family and distant family at that. She was also comparing the number of gifts to what her cousin received.

This may get ugly in the next years. See her cousin's grandad provides A LOT of gifts for the three kids in that family. G is a cousin and they are very kind to her and have been the last three years we have gone. They make sure to get her something fun. I just hope that next year I will be able to explain that this celebration is extra not total so she need be very grateful but not greedy.

I will try to post pics of both nights. Tomorrow we are going to make cookies to leave for Santa. We are also going to sleep in if the animals don't wake us up. She is currently coloring with markers after having watched Aladdin because of the jasmine doll.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Woo Hoo

She did it! Yea She did it!! Yea she did it! (tune of Dora)

Yes she did it. She stood by the Santa Claus and didn't cry even. I won't get the picture until Wednesday though. She was so proud and I got her a prize of Fisher Price Matching game. I am so excited and will post the pic as soon as I get it.

OH OH Maybe HO HO?

Santa came to the pre-school, was there when I dropped off the munchkin. I kindly told the director, "Tears or no tears." The director understood and I let G know she would get a prize if she cooperated even just standing between his legs.

We will see!! Dad is picking her up to spend the night with them tonight. Has been 2 weeks since she has gotten to and dad was missing her.

Mama has a night off, yee haw!
This is a must see!

Merry Christmas

May the story of Christ's birth become real to you this Christmas.
May this advent season, we look ahead for His second coming.
May we be reminded of the Cross this Holiday Season, the true reason for Christmas.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Cold

Might be a good thing too. I am getting a little humbugish right now. I am taking G to the Dr. to try to get this snot dried up and gone. She coughed from 1ish am to well she didn't really stop. We are both very tired. Everytime she rolled over she would start coughing again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Now for Wordless Wednesday



Conversations with G

Last night while attempting to read our books, G looks at me and says, "Mama, when I gwoew up I want to yearn to walk on a wainbow." (I want to learn to walk on a rainbow.)

I told her that I would like to do that too when she grows up.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Conversations with G

So Friday night we were heading out to dinner with a friend and as we were passing a big truck over the bridge G literally out of the blue (to me anyway) said, "Oh I know what I want to be when I gwoew up, a twuck dwiver."

I said, "to drive big trucks like that?"

She said, "yes." Okay so now I will have a petite Chinese over-the-road truck driver for a daughter. I just hope she learns to do it in heals and a frilly dress.

Yesterday morning I was getting the clothes ready for G to wear and I picked out her frosty the snowman socks. As I showed them to G she started this diatribe about why she just couldn't wear them: "Well, but momma, see dey hab a snowman on dem but it's not snowing outside, so I cannot wear dem today, okay?"

She wore them anyway because it is Christmas time and she has to wear all of her Christmas stuff this week.

Last night while picking up another round of antibiotics for this sinus infection I can't get rid of, G wanted some stickers. I took her back to the sticker aisle and she picked out the Xmen stickers.

I said, "Those are boy stickers."

 She said a little flabbergasted, "No dey are not."

 I said, "yes they are, they are scary boy stickers."

She said, "Well, I will just attend (pretend) dey are gurl stickers, 'kay?"

She ends most of her questions with "okay," "'Kay" or some variance. Sometimes it is funny.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Recap

So the Saturday after my ill Friday night/Saturday morning was very busy. I didn't get a nap either Sat or Sun. This sinus thing is going to kill me yet I think. I got a total of about 5 hours sleep then ended up driving in the pouring and cold rain with my aunt and mom all over town and out to BFE for a baby shower for a cousin. We left the house around 10am and got home sometime after 8:30pm. G hung out with her grandad all day even went to a cousin's 5th bday party with him.

It was actually very nice. My aunt bought me a new pair of shoes for $20. They were on extreme mark down and I am thinking of going and getting a brown pair to have in case.

I am feeling very stylish in my new shoes.

It has been almost 2 years since I have worn a heel like that or anything taller than a half inch. heh.

The cramps left by morning but the head ache(sinus) sort of hung on for a while. Yuck. Anyhoo, time for me to go pick up the girl. I will post a pic of her in her very Christmas-y Sunday dress tomorrow.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

So What Are You Doing At 3 A.M.?

I am trying to not throw up. I am really hating being female at this moment. We have an extremely long day tomorrow and I have been awake since 1:18 a.m. First it was sinus drainage that woke me now it is cramps keeping me awake. and now Clementine is barking. G is still asleep but not peacefully. Just a rough night all around. Okay got to go settle the dog.

Friday, December 14, 2007

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

As Close As I Will Get?

This might be all I get this year with regard to Santa. She has a Santa hair bow and is wearing her Santa socks that she received last year in her stocking. We have her pre-school Christmas party this afternoon and I am bringing the cupcakes. They have a book exchange so we wrapped the book last night. She was so excited to do that. I can tell though she still doesn't get it. She asked me what do you do with a "fresent". I told her that you tear the paper off to see what is inside. Then she counted the pictures on the wrapping paper and said, "Is there 8 fresents, mommy?" I told her no but there were 8 pictures on the paper. My poor little naive child. Can't say it is memory because that is a steel trap. Maybe this year?!?!? she will get it.

Retro Friday-Greece

This was the year 2003. I with my neighbors, a co-worker and her husband, and another friend I met through my neighbors took off for a week in Greece. These pics were taken in Mykonos and Athens. If I had any time I could relive it would be this time. We had so much fun, there were enough of us to split up if needed to do our own thing but also enjoy each other's company.
I will say I was not brave to rent mopeds or get in cars and drive anywhere because well folks are crazy on the roads in foreign countries.
I was probably at my smallest size here. I loved my hair cut. There are just a lot of reasons to go back to that time. Of course I started my paper chase the next Feb/March so another fun time came in 2005.
The next year, 2004, the same group minus my neighbors (who were preggers at the time) spent a week in Barcelona. I had nothing but trouble with my credit card who kept blocking purchases even after I told them where I was and to stop blocking purchases. Made for a very stressful time.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Proud Mommy Moment

G attends choir and mission friends at my parents church on Wednesday evening. This actually started as just dinner with Grandad at the church. She would stay with Grammie and Grandad through services until this semester when both my parents wanted to attend a different class so my dad started taking G to her classes. She loves them both.

Last night her choir class invited parents, grandparents and whomever to see the class sing. They sang two songs and it lasted all of about 11 minutes. I got it all on tape too but have no way to download it yet. Anyway, I was excited to see it and G sang every song but couldn't do the faces to the face song because too many people were there. At least that is what she told me later. I was really proud of her but in honesty, she almost didn't. When I walked in with her she didn't want to go participate so I told her I would have to leave if she didn't go sing and she finally relented.

Her Grammie and Grandad came to see it too. There are 13 3 year olds and two teachers. They sing with the CD but it was really good. They are learning how to use the "airplane taking off and landing" to teach low and high of their voices. It is very neat to see what they do and how they teach the kids music.

Music is truly within us!

Genetic Music
Psalm 65:13
The pastures are clothed with flocks; The valleys also are covered with grain; They shout for joy, they also sing.

The entire creation is woven together on an invisible cloth of mathematics. Since mathematics is also the basis of music, the creation is often more filled with music than we think. In fact, Christians ought to think twice before dismissing as figurative those Bible passages about the whole creation praising its Creator.

Sometimes the music of the creation in praise of God is more clearly seen. As one California geneticist was studying the structure of DNA, it struck him that the pattern of bases out of which DNA is built followed a pattern similar to a melody. So he assigned notes to each of the four bases: cytosine for do, adenine for re and me, guanine for fa and sol, thymine for la and te, and cytosine again for do.

Upon playing different gene structures according to this orchestration the geneticist found that rather than endless repetition and wandering melodies, each gene has its own musical style and interesting melody. One collagen gene sounds like Bach. Genes which code for cell adhesion molecules sound like Debussy. And a mouse gene for RNA sounds very much like Chopin.

As our knowledge of the creation grows, so does the witness to God's power and wisdom. Truly the whole creation, in its every part, sings the praises of its Creator. Let us join that praise with our voices!

Prayer: Dear Father, I thank and praise You in wonder for the work of Your hands. Let my thanksgiving never cease until the day I see You face to face. Amen.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A G Story

G has decided to remain G for now. When she pretends she is a dog, she is a dog named Tilly and will say, "woof, woof, Tilley." When she pretends she is a cat, she is a cat named G Talley M Baojiang and will say, "meemow, G Talley M Baojiang." It is a mouth full.

Okay, so last night, G spent the night with my parents because of the interview I had at 9am. I asked my mom this morning how she did last night. My mom doesn't understand how I have these sleep issues with G every night. I think she doesn't believe me and that issue goes back a long way in our relationship. So anyway, she said G fell asleep at 10:20pm after going to bed with them at 9:30pm.

My mom said, "Well, she wanted to go to sleep but her legs just wouldn't get still. Then I said, 'G, just roll over and go to sleep like you always do for Grammie.' and G said, 'I do dis to my mommy.' and I said, 'I know and your mommy gets mad so lets just go to sleep.' We had a pretty good talk about it." I can't imagine what the "talk" was or if it will affect anything.

I asked my mom if she now understood that every night of "dis" is very hard because on the other side, morning, she doesn't want to get up and then we have tears at bedtime and tears in the morning. I don't know. I am tired and frustrated. So at least G knows what she is doing every night to me. Bedtime is my least favorite part of the day now.

I had an interview today

that may or may not have gone well. It was for a payroll position for which I have no experience and for a benefits/HR person for which I have tons of experience. I let them know that learning it would be no problem and that I was aware they may want someone with more payroll experience. I think my salary range is outside of what they can pay. I could be wrong. It is about 45 mins away from home and with a different schedule, more like 8 to 5. With the sleep stuff we are going through it would be very difficult to make it. Plus because of my sinus infection, I had to list all the meds I have been taking and when. Hydrocodone cough meds probably don't look good but paired with a z pak and mucinex maybe I will be okay?!?

I would hate to leave First Thing's flexibility and closeness but I need more money. $30,000 does not cut it right now. I am not meeting my financial obligations at all. Sorry I know finances and pay are out of political correctness or should not be discussed in public, actually is quite vulgar, but damn, unless you know the real story, you can't see the reality of my life's furstration.

The real story is my salary for a single mom (yes I know by my choice) does not pay the bills period. The last time I made that salary was in 1997. Before that it was $10,000 less but I was in significant debt too. I didn't buy my house until I was making $45,000. I had one year recently (2006) of less than $25,000(and most of that was 401(k)) and living on credit. So now, I am trying to catch up. Since the house didn't sell I still have that monthly, and although I have renter's there currently, they may not stay another year. My parents have not started charging me rent, but I have to pay them back something and then rent on top of that soon.

It would be nice if I was offered, and First Thing would counter offer, but I don't see that happening. I think the owner is over extended in other areas so financially the whole corporation is suffering. Plus a monkey could do what I do now, sadly not any of the other monkeys here though, they are too old.

I just don't know. I just don't know. I didn't interview well. I am not excited enough. I would love to learn the payroll side because it would round me out a bit but I can't get excited about the drive, new hours and new expectations with a child who refuses to sleep.

Monday, December 10, 2007

This is it! (and why is blogger not holding my formatting?)

G went to Santa's helper to get the candy cane and some other gifts. She stood with two of her travel buddies and one of their brothers and she even played in the room with the other kids without me. But, BUT, she only got this close to Santa. She is hanging over the back of a couch looking into the room where he is sitting in the corner.

Every other child regardless of age crawled all over him. At one point G told me she was going to call Santa a "bug." I told her "great then I can get a picture of you next him him calling him that."

At nap time before the party, I was talking about how she could stand next to grammie, next to grandad who would stand next to Santa for a picture.

I was demonstrating the way they would stand by Santa and each other by pointing the air. So G shows me her version and says "How about dis, how about Grandad stand wite here (pointing on the bed), and Grammie stand wite here (pointing next to grandad), and Dennis (G) stand wite here (next to Grammie)."

I said, "That is fine but where will Santa be?"

She stood up and walked far away to the corner of the bed and pointed "Wite here. Now dat's a good idea."

Needless to say, Grandad didn't go and G didn't get next to Santa. But one victory if you call it that and I do is that she, BY HERSELF, went with the other children to play away from me and away from Grammie for most of the night. She knew it was a victory too because at once point after not wanting to be next to Santa, she said to me, "Mama, are not you pwoud of me pwaying in da woom?" Like, isn't that enough? do I have to do the santa too? I told her that I was very proud but wished she would let me get a pic of her and santa, selfish mom that I am.

I have to say this about my kid, if we are there (where ever there is) and other people come in then she is more likely to participate more quickly. On the other hand if we show up middle to last, it takes longer to warm up. So we inadvertently got to the party 10 mins. early and she had to potty so we had to go in, otherwise we would have just driven around. But we were coming from about 45 mins away and she had drunk her whole sippy cup.

We have two more times to meet Santa. I even told her that last night's Santa wasn't real. I tried everything and it didn't work. Oh well.

Here is the kicker though, as we drove back home and pulled into the drive way she said, "I so sad."

I said, "sad? about what?"

She said, "I so sad I not go see Santa." AAARRRRGGGGHHH! My mom, who had gone to the party with us, thought that was funny. Yeah, I have a riot for a kid.