Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas day pics.

These pics are all backwards. These were taken at the end of the night and all three girls wanted to play with the shaving cream. This is G and my two nieces. So far in the whole family there are three boys and three girls. One of the nephews wasn't here.

My niece helped G play with her gigantic book of stickers. She is much more patient than I am at playing stickers.

My best cousin helped me walk on the balance beam.

I helped my Grandad work the Care Bear puzzle.

Most excited about the ink stamp set.

My niece on the balance beam lovingly created by my dad and brother. Here is G resting in her new tent Grammie and Grandad got her.

G got this t-shirt for Christmas and immediately had to have it on. She was holding it up to see if it fits, "yep it fits me."

This is one of the wash cloths that needs to soak in water to see the pic and it was a princess that matched the umbrella.

We are all about tattoos and santa brought G some. So we put them everywhere. They will wear off eventually. They were hannahbarberra tats, flinstones, yogi bear etc.

My niece and nephew playing the Xbox 360 guitar hero. Both of them wondered how I knew all the words to the songs on there?!?!

My sister was able to get G kisses. This is the first time G got so close to her in well since we have been home really. My sis has to bribe and cajole to get G near her. My sis has a very strong personality and G doesn't warm up to strong personalities. It is part of her need to control a situation. If she approaches first then things will be really good otherwise she will not get too close.


The Byrd Family said...

Lottie has that fairy princess shirt and she loves it! Love all the family pictures and Yea! for the Aunt who got kisses!!!

chloesmama said...

Those are great pictures...I love the tatoos!

mommy24treasures said...

love seeing your Christmas.
Its so great you understand and know why Glenys reacts the way she does to your sister, nd certain situations. So many parents get frustrated and have no clue.
I am glad Glenys opened up some to her.

Monica said...

She is just adorable! I love all the tatoos! How funny!


Lauren and Ed said...

Glenys is too cute! I read your post about you sister. My Mia is excatly the same way. She kind of shuts down if people come on too strong or are too boisterous. If they ease into it and let her get comfortable she will be their best friend. I always wondered if it was a trust issue with Mia, or if it is just her personality???