Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A G Story

G has decided to remain G for now. When she pretends she is a dog, she is a dog named Tilly and will say, "woof, woof, Tilley." When she pretends she is a cat, she is a cat named G Talley M Baojiang and will say, "meemow, G Talley M Baojiang." It is a mouth full.

Okay, so last night, G spent the night with my parents because of the interview I had at 9am. I asked my mom this morning how she did last night. My mom doesn't understand how I have these sleep issues with G every night. I think she doesn't believe me and that issue goes back a long way in our relationship. So anyway, she said G fell asleep at 10:20pm after going to bed with them at 9:30pm.

My mom said, "Well, she wanted to go to sleep but her legs just wouldn't get still. Then I said, 'G, just roll over and go to sleep like you always do for Grammie.' and G said, 'I do dis to my mommy.' and I said, 'I know and your mommy gets mad so lets just go to sleep.' We had a pretty good talk about it." I can't imagine what the "talk" was or if it will affect anything.

I asked my mom if she now understood that every night of "dis" is very hard because on the other side, morning, she doesn't want to get up and then we have tears at bedtime and tears in the morning. I don't know. I am tired and frustrated. So at least G knows what she is doing every night to me. Bedtime is my least favorite part of the day now.


Sharon said...

This too shall pass...I am just sorry you are going through it when you sound like a whole lot is already on your plate. I am going to pray hard that things break and life starts to go more smoothly for you. Take good care of yourself!!(Gotta fill up that apple basket somehow so you have some to give away!!)

AZMom said...

Hopefully after her talk with Grammie she will start not doing it to you. I hope things settle down for you. Looking for a job this time of year is hard. I know, because I am doing the same thing.

Take care. My China baby is now almost 8! They grow up FAST!

The Byrd Family said...

This sounds like Emma and Lottie trying to put them to bed. It is a literally two hour or more ordeal and I know how tiring it must be for you.

I also know how it feels when your children behave better for other people and not you.....don't fret about it just give it to God!

I will begin praying for ya girl!

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

G-d that so sucks. You know Abbey had "issues" with the sleep for 18 long months, but hers was where she would wake up in the night wanting me to cover her back up! I finally had to just stop doing it. I was so dang sleep deprived that I couldn't see straight. I hope you get some relief soon friend. It's tough. I know.

Kikilia said...

I, too, went through a phase around Glenys' age where I wanted to change my name. Not sure why, but there you have it.

As for the sleeping- my Pipsqueak loved to sleep right next to or touching me (I can't stand it). I told her that in order to stay in the bed and not on the floor on a matress or sleeping bag- she had to stay in her own space and let mommy get to sleep.

Usually in the morning, she'd be touching me again- a foot on my leg or something- but I could handle that.

Maybe something like that would work for you? Try it out on Friday or Saturday nights though due to needing the sleep for work... I totally understand that.

Good luck!

nikki said...

First, she is so dang clever and funny! I love all those stories!

Second, bedtime has become the most dreaded time of day here also - I FEEL YOUR PAIN!